Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney

As you see here, an example of addressing the causes and symptoms by implementing a natural hair thinning treatment, how this can show positive outcomes and prevent future hair thinning. There were presenting signs of hair thinning in the common pattern thinning areas. After a diagnosis with the microscope, it was found that the hair cycle was not working to its full capability and pattern hair thinning was present with the typical vellus and translucent hairs.

Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney Before

Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney Before

Our main objective was to stop the pattern hair thinning. Consultation covered contributing lifestyle and health choices. She was already very conscious of acid-alkaline balance, health and creating wholefood, nutritious meals. A simple regime for hair washing turned into a hair thinning treatment was all that was required. Hair thinning treatment was performed at home for four months, at least three time weekly.

Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney:

  • Followed for four months
  • Hair washing technique becomes treatment
  • Protect against pattern hair thinning with topical antioxidants
  • pH testing and alkalising
  • Understand state of hair cell and hair cycle
Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney After

Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney After

At the four months mark we check in with digital images to create before and after results. This showed that the pattern hair thinning had stopped along with some hair regrowth. Delighted with the results we suggested a maintenance plan and will check in again in another four months. Hair thinning treatments at Absolique are tailor made for your individual circumstances to improve or stabilise your hair thinning concerns.

This example is a happy, healthy lady in her early seventies. Don’t let anyone tell you hair thinning is just a part of age. To receive more information regarding Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic. Call our reception team on 02 8014 6916 or mail Absolique Trichologist Sydney at info@absolique.com.au to share your hair thinning questions and concerns.

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