Women and Hair Loss Sydney

Topical applications for Women and Hair Loss Sydney require the correct scalp preparation to ensure absorption to the target site, the hair bulb. Absolique Scalp Tonique is designed to open the hair follicle for effective delivery of topical applications for Women and Hair Loss Sydney.

For Women and Hair Loss Sydney you always need to follow the recommended scalp preparation which will be slightly different to how you are used to washing your hair. Scalp is skin and should never be washed with a hair shampoo. Hair Conditioner is for the cuticle of the hair and should never touch the scalp.

For effective absorption we recommend the following procedure to Women and Hair Loss Sydney:

  • Scalp Brush Therapy
  • Absolique Scalp Cleanser
  • Absolique Scalp Tonique
  • Wash and Condition your hair if it longer than 15cm
  • Towel dry hair
  • Use Microneedle Therapy
  • Apply topical Hair Loss Sydney

Following this procedure will naturally prepare the scalp for effective absorption of topical for Women and Hair Loss Sydney eliminating the need for damaging chemicals in your topical solutions.

Yours in Health, Hair and Women and Hair Loss Sydney,

Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T.


Absolique Hair Health Clinic


Women and Hair Loss Sydney.

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