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Research into Vitamin D and the health benefits associated with has been growing rapidly over the past few years. The number of publications with Vitamin D mentioned in the title or abstract list at increased in 2014 from 3,119 in 2011 to 3,919. Have a look at the below link to see the “Top Vitamin D Research of 2014” by William B. Grant, PhD.  An in depth report on 20 papers presented in 2014.

Another interesting paper “Vitamin D, A Summary”, covers topics such as the latest understanding of Vitamin D RDA (recommended daily allowance), sun dosing, testing, age calculated oral dosage and resources. Have a look at the summary via the following link. .

Vitamin D shared by Absolique Trichology Clinic Sydney. The latest research recommends the following Australian blood level interpretations:

  • Seriously Deficient < 20 nmol/L
  • Very Deficient 40 nmol/L
  • Deficient 40 – 100 nmol/L
  • Normal 130 – 150 nmol/L
  • Therapeutic 170 – 200 nmol/L
  • Toxic Threshold > 230 nmol/L

If you find you require Vitamin D supplementation, be sure to find a minimum 1000IU in capsule form or equivalent. It is recommended to follow your healthcare providers advise. As with any other nutritional supplementation, Vitamin D should be taken in a pH alkaline environment. The pH alkaline environment ensures effective absorption. It is recommended that you check your Vitamin D levels before changing Vitamin D supplementing.

Vitamin D shared by Absolique Trichology Clinic Sydney shares Vitamin D latest research to help your awareness of Vitamin D levels and potential Vitamin D deficiency. It is important deficiencies are address by healthcare practitioners in conjunction with nutritional hair loss treatments combination therapy suggested by Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney for more information. Call our friendly reception team on 02 8014 6916, or email Trichologist Sydney

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Vitamin D shared by Absolique Trichology Clinic Sydney