Trichologist Sydney and Nutrition

Nutrition through nutritional therapy is a large part of Absolique Trichologist Sydney treatment for scalp conditions, hair thinning and hair loss. Within the first four months of nutritional therapy with Absolique hair loss treatment, you shouldn’t alter your suggested treatment plan. Once the first four months are completed, Absolique Trichologist Sydney will check your results and suggest a maintenance hair loss treatment plan.

Nutritional therapy maintenance plans are more flexible and can be suited for holidays. In the first four months, we are working on raising nutritional levels to support cellular function and normal hair growth. To achieve this, Absolique suggest safe supplementary range (SR) of required nutritional elements. When SR is reached Absolique Trichologist Sydney will suggest reducing or removing nutritional therapy and advise how to maintain nutritional levels with recommended daily intakes (RDI). In the event of nutritional deficiency, absorption issues or systemic conditions, Absolique maintenance recommendations may not be as flexible. Always follow only your individual treatment plan.

Trichologist Sydney and Holiday Nutrition:

  • Very structured in the first four months of hair loss treatment
  • Will be more flexible in maintenance hair loss treatment
  • Supplementary range increases nutritional levels
  • Recommended daily intake maintains nutritional levels
  • Deficiency, absorption or systemic problems will affect flexibility of treatment plans

The goal is to maintain RDI once nutritional levels have raised. When you have access to nutritious, majority raw, organic food, follow food combining, practice Ph testing and alkalizing, you could work hard at obtaining RDI from food. This can be difficult or undesirable when away on holidays. Absolique Trichologist suggests supporting heathy food and drinks when on holidays whilst falling back on Green Qi with base nutrition at least 5 days a week.

This is a backup plan so you don’t lose your results allowing for flexibility during holiday times. When holidays are away and life routine resumes, return to your maintenance nutrition and hair loss treatment plan. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney to ask any questions about holiday nutrition or hair loss treatment Sydney. Please contact reception team on 02 8014 6916 or email Absolique Trichologist Sydney at

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Trichologist Sydney and Nutrition