Treatments for Hair Loss in Women – Post Partum Alopecia

Post Partum Alopecia or post pregnancy hair loss or is a normal part of pregnancy and should not cause concern as long as your hair cycle and nutrition are in order before, during and after pregnancy. Post Pregnancy Treatments for Hair Loss in Women may assist when there is an existing hair cycle problem that has already caused hair thinning or diffuse hair loss. Post Pregnancy Hair Loss can be devastating when you are not prepared for it or understand that simple and natural Treatments for Hair Loss in Women Post pregnancy are available.

A with all forms of diffuse hair loss the science says ‘the hair will fall 3 months after the event, will continue to fall for 3 months and should begin growing back within 9 months’. For pregnancy the triggers are either; 3 months after birth, 3 months after the return of menstrual cycle or 3 months after cessation of breast feeding. This post pregnancy hair loss happens because in the last trimester of pregnancy the normal daily hair cycle for hair loss that is between 70 -160 hairs DO NOT fall but remain in the anagen growing phase, part of the pregnant glow. With the diffuse hair loss from Post Partum Alopecia you can expect to lose not only your normal daily hair fall but also those hair retained in the last trimester which will be between 140 – 320 hairs per day!

Women experiencing Post Pregnancy Hail Loss may think if they don’t wash or brush their hair the hair loss will stop. This will not work and such avoidance behavior can cause other problems such as scalp scale, oily scalp, itchy scalp, tight scalp, sensitive scalp and scalp blockages of the hair follicle. It will also compound the amount of hair that is found when the hair is eventually washed, for example after 4 days to 560 – 1280!! Following this simple hair washing regime during and after Post Pregnancy Hair Loss every time the hair is washed a minimum twice a week and maximum once a day, will help to maintain a healthy scalp and assist any Natural Hair Loss Treatments:

  • Scalp Brush Therapy all over the scalp
  • Scalp Cleansing not with a hair shampoo, use hair shampoo only on the hair
  • Leave in Natural Hair Loss Treatment such as Activance

During this time it is also essential to follow good nutrition and health habits so when the hair returns to the growing phase it grows back as the original hair type and in the original hair cycle. New mothers may forget to nourish themselves or believe they are getting the required nutrients from food but actually have nutritional deficiencies following the pregnancy. Essential nutrients to look for on a daily basis are; 60 Essential Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids Omegas 3-6-9 in the right ratio and all of the Fat soluble and Water soluble Vitamins. All of these nutrients are required to interact together for body health and in turn hair health. Finding these essential elements through your food can be challenging so you can use safe and proven supplements to top up where needed in a pH alkaline body for effective absorption.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic are here help you through post pregnancy hair loss, teach you how to wash your hair or answer any questions you have about Post Pregnancy Hair Loss; how to prepare for it and recover from it with many choices available from simple topical treatment to nutritional therapy or the ultimate combination therapy for the biggest impact which ensures your health and hair return following pregnancy.

Treatments for Hair Loss in Women – Post Partum Alopecia.