Treatments for Hair Loss in Men Sydney

Sharing results for the Sydney men so they know everyone has choice when it comes to deciding between the various Treatments for Hair Loss in Men.

Young Male, 31 describing Hair Loss continuing for 10 months exposing typical pattern thinning areas in the recessions. With a history of starting and stopping various medications to assist with anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, emotional personal times along with a busy travel work schedule.

It was obvious male pattern thinning was occurring because of the distinct recessions and presence of vellus hairs, but there was no direct hereditary influence which would normally be noted. This was clearly early onset Male Pattern Thinning. When there is no direct hereditary influence other factors need to be considered, specifically the status of the hair cycle. Hair loss seen as hairs visibly falling out is not pattern thinning. Hair loss is a way of showing you something is wrong inside, don’t ignore it the sign and don’t confuse hair loss for pattern thinning.

Treatments for Hair Loss in Men Sydney with Combination Therapy:

  • Complete Health and Hair History
  • Diagnosis of the hair cycle and a check for male pattern thinning
  • Combination Therapy Holistic Treatments for Hair Loss addressing all symptoms and causes
  • Hair Loss Treatments that are easy to follow and performed at Home

Complete Combination Therapy hair loss treatments began working from the top with topical applications incorporated into a hair washing regime, and from the inside with nutrition to support health, cellular needs, stress and sleep patterns. Digital and microscopic images show results achieved in the 1st four months. We then suggest maintenance Home Care Hair Loss Treatments for continued results and the return of a full head of healthy hair. After the first 4 months maintenance check-ups are every 4 to 6 months with Scope Sessions digital microscopic tracking to ensure everything is in order and continuing to move forward.

Please remember correct diagnosis is the key to choosing the right Hair Loss Treatments and results. What may seem like male pattern thinning may in fact have other influences that disturb the hair cycle, weakens hair cell and drives Male Pattern Thinning at a much younger age than family history. If it is happening to you years before it happened to your Dad, or Grandad, there is more going on so get your hair cycle checked by a Trichologist.

For more information on Treatments for Hair Loss in Men Sydney Combination Therapy and to begin your correct diagnosis and hair health journey to results contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic and Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost.

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Treatments for Hair Loss in Men Sydney

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