Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney and Holidays

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney, Trichologist Sydney can sometimes make your hair loss treatment easier at holiday times. This will depend on the level of hair loss treatment you are in. For instance, you do need to complete the first 4 months of your hair loss treatments before things get easier. The first 4 months’ hair loss treatment are the most important to create the base support for correcting the hair loss or hair thinning problem.

In the first 4 months of Absolique Sydney hair loss treatment, the treatment plan created for you is not changeable for holidays. We do recommend putting treatment of when holiday fall within your first four month, for best results. After the first 4 months, we check in to view your progress and results. It is then we can advise a simpler maintenance plan with holiday hair loss treatment options that don’t affect your results.

Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney and Holidays:

  • Follow your individual hair loss treatment plan for the first 4 months
  • Maintenance plans are simpler and based on your progress and results
  • Always stick to the basics ‘BSCA’
  • Scalp Brush Therapy, Scalp Cleansing and Activance
  • Check with Trichologist Sydney for your holiday hair loss treatment plan

To support the hair cell, hair cycle and scalp health, it is best to always stick to the basics ‘BSCA’. Scalp Brush Therapy, Scalp Cleansing and Activance. Use hair shampoo and conditioner as required when the hair is longer than 15cm, keeping off the scalp, of course. We recommend you follow this basic hair washing routine every second day or 3 times a week for stability and holiday hair loss treatment. Be sure to contact Absolique Trichologist Sydney for your individual holiday hair loss treatment plan.

If you do change your plan for holidays, please resume to your provided plan as soon as you can for best results at your next progress check scope session. If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment plan, holidays and travel feel free to contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney and we will provide the best guidance we can. Email Trichologist Sydney at or call or reception team on 02 8014 6916.

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Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney and Holidays