Treat Scalp Scale with Activance Shampoo by Trichologist Sydney

At Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney and Brisbane we are big fans of Activance leave in treatment. We use and recommend the special practitioner series formula we can prescribe after Trichologist Sydney microscopic diagnosis. The Activance range of products also have a shampoo. For most of our hair loss treatments, we recommend Absolique Scalp Cleanser because it is particularly cleansing without harmful ingredients. This is part of preparing the scalp for safe and effective absorption of natural hair loss treatments. But for some individuals with sensitive scalps or stubborn scalp scale we need to be more prescriptive and may recommend Activance shampoo that can also be used as a safe scalp cleanser, scalp soak and hair shampoo whilst addressing stubborn scalp scale.

Activance and its product range is known for safe ingredients protocol. Absolique Trichologist Sydney is 100% confident that it fits in with our holistic hair loss treatment approach. However, Activance shampoo is not as cleansing as Absolique Scalp Cleanser, this is why we only recommend Activance shampoo when we have sensitive scalp concerns or stubborn scalp scale. Activance shampoo can also safely be used as a hair shampoo for most individuals, unlike Absolique scalp cleanser which is not a hair shampoo for hair that is longer than 15cm.

Treat Scalp Scale with Activance Shampoo by Trichologist Sydney. How to use Activance Shampoo as a scalp soak treatment for stubborn scalp scale:

  • Begin with scalp brush therapy where recommended to help with scalp scale exfoliation, scalp stimulation and also scalp circulation
  • Perform Scalp brush therapy only on dry hair and scalp
  • Scalp brush therapy should always precede scalp cleansing
  • If scalp is irritated, sore or weeping at all, do not perform scalp brush therapy
  • Wet hair as if you were going to wash your hair
  • Place 2-5cm round size of Activance shampoo in palm of hand and distribute between both palms before applying to scalp
  • Make sure Activance shampoo is in contact with scalp of the entire head
  • Gently massage Activance shampoo over the scalp being careful not to rub or scratch the scalp
  • Use fingertips not fingernails
  • Move Activance shampoo over the scalp and note it may not foam much
  • Rinse Activance shampoo from scalp and hair
  • Re-apply but this time leave Activance shampoo on the scalp for 2-5 minutes, this is the scalp soak
  • The more scalp scale, the longer the soak, maximum in the shower should be 5 minutes, but can be left on the scalp for up to 20 minutes out of the shower and always needs to be rinsed out from scalp and hair
  • When your individual scalp soak time is up, add water to the scalp and emulsify Activance shampoo until it forms a lather followed by rinsing again
  • If required follow by another wash using Activance shampoo to remove scale residue from hair or use your hair shampoo off the scalp for your hair type
  • Use hair conditioner as required off the scalp
  • Towel dry hair and always apply Activance leave in treatment all over the scalp to finish the leave in scalp treatment

The stubborner the scale the longer the soak. Always start with one Activance shampoo on the scalp to soften the scalp skin. For stubborner scale the soak can be longer or even repeated on the same day. Never to scrub or scratch scalp scale as this can damage the scalp skin and may cause hair loss. Always end scalp treatment with Activance leave in treatment on towel dried hair/scalp. Activance leave in treatment acts to put moisture balance back into the scalp skin and slows scalp scale returning, sooths the scalp as well as stabilising the hair cycle.

For more information on Activance Shampoo for Scalp Scale scalp soak with Trichologist Sydney or to find out if this technique can help you, it is best to begin with correct diagnosis so you know you are addressing all symptoms and causes at the same time in combination therapy, for best results. Contact Absolique Trichologist Sydney by email or contact our reception team on 02 80146916.

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Treat Scalp Scale with Activance Shampoo by Trichologist Sydney.