The Green Drink with Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Hair Loss Treatments sometimes include natural DHT inhibitors for Female Pattern Thinning and Male Pattern Thinning. Nutritional Supplements may also be required to provide missing elements from the food and diet during Hair Loss Treatments. When using any Natural Supplements for health, deficiency or Hair Loss Treatments the digestion, absorption and transportation is processed by the body.

Most natural supplements need to be taken with food to be digested. Body pH needs to be balanced for the right environment and the food used to take the supplements needs to alkaline and in the correct food combination. Examples of INCORRECT food combinations that will compromise the digestion and absorption of natural supplements:

  • Carbohydrates and proteins – bread and chicken, potatoes and lamb
  • Protein and protein – egg and ham, steak and seafood
  • Fruit and fruit – fruit salad
  • Fruit with any other food group – fruit yoghurt, fruit on cereal

Practicing correct food combining with pH testing for body balance can be time consuming, overwhelming and expensive not to mention changing habits. So we can help you to cheat with Neways Green Qi. A nutrient rich, alkalizing, toxin free, chemical free, pesticide free, heavy metal free and artificial sweetener free safe powder formula with 25 green ingredients that act as the alkaline FOOD when taking natural supplements. This green powder is mixed with filtered water and used to take natural supplements away from in a hungry tummy.

Making your own drink requires following some rules; Use only 100% certified organic produce purchased from local growers as the supermarkets spray preservative over ALL  the fruit and vegetables for storage purposes including the certified organic produce. Then there is the food combining rule, fruit should not be consumed with any other fruit or any other food for effective digestion due to the different enzymes required. Most making their own juice almost always add fruit to assist with palate. This is good for taste but not.

So you can find your own safe produce, eliminate the fruit and get juicing or you can cheat with me and pick up a tub of Green Qi and be guaranteed effective absorption and convenience when taking natural supplements.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic use and recommend Neways Green Qi because Neways formulates and distributes its own products internationally renowned for avoiding the use of potentially harmful ingredients, being environmentally sensitive, not being tested on animals and their effectiveness. Neways products are tested for potency and purity through Chromatography testing.

Neways Green Qi  available at Absolique Hair Health Clinic $62 or ask us how to buy direct from Neways and save 30%

The Green Drink with Natural Hair Loss Treatments .

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