Supplements Awareness and Hair Loss Treatment Sydney

Supplements Awareness and Hair Loss Treatment Sydney

Supplements Awareness and Hair Loss Treatment Sydney

A report came across in my research tools recently about the adverse effects of ultra-high dose of Biotin . So in this blog I want to discuss Supplements Awareness and Hair Loss Treatment, and remembering balance is key to any nutritional element. When we have a good understanding of the complex chemistry of how minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins work together to assist in cellular function, we then can have a balanced view.

There is no known reason why a person would need to take high levels of biotin on its own. When someone has high doses of biotin, it can affect other processes, for example affecting the effectiveness of medication used for Grave’s disease (anti-thyroid medication). The report indicates to stop using biotin for a week, and retest to see if the biotin dose is causing any interference.

Supplements Awareness and Hair Loss Treatment Sydney:

  • Be balanced with nutritional supplementation approach
  • Minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins work in synergy
  • Biotin can interfere and affect other processes when taken in high doses
  • Any kind of nutritional element can affect interaction with other processes in high doses

The nutritional program at Absolique Hair Health Clinic is carefully balanced between the RDA-recommended daily allowance and SR- supplementary range, there is no need for us to go to high therapeutic doses for nutritional therapy hair loss treatment to be effective. Biotin may be present in two separate supplements for a specific reason, but it is always within a safe range, and only for the first four months of hair loss treatment, then we reassess your levels and hair loss treatment results.

Be mindful about over the counter hair, skin and nails products as they can contain high amounts of biotin which is not balanced for cellular health. These supplements may indeed make your hair grown faster, however they do not fix hair thinning or hair loss problems and should not be used as a hair loss treatment. Ingredient ethics are also questionable with these over the counter and online supplements. And how can you expect to treat something if you don’t even know what the problem is, correct diagnosis is the key.

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