Start Hair Loss Treatments with Skype Video Consultation

Following on from earlier blog and video suggesting your own USB microscope, the main purpose of this is to provide accurate diagnosis and Hair Loss Treatments information and plan for those who live Interstate or Overseas.


In the last few years Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost has been posting Hair Loss Treatments information videos to YouTube. In the beginning the purpose was to increase website ranking, so they said! But our YouTube videos have turned out to be the best thing we have ever done with our vision to tell ‘The Truth About Hair Loss’ and to offer holistic help for hair loss and hair thinning. Our videos know connect Absolique Hair Health Clinic to people all over the world.


On a daily basis we receive contact from people who cannot geographically visit us in our Brisbane Base Clinic. In most cases they have endured long term hair loss and hair thinning having run out of options and seeming nothing is delivering a result. The main comment we hear is ‘holistic makes sense, treat the symptom and cause’.


So a new service has evolved to help those who live Interstate or Overseas ‘Hair Loss Treatments Skype Video Consultations’.


To plan the appointment we will ask you to provide:


  • Hair and Health History
  • Return completed Trichology Consultation (this will be email to you)
  • Preferably your own USB Microscope
  • 1 x Digital and 60-200x Microscopic Images (we will help with this)
  • Blood Test Results – past and current


Once you have gathered all this information we communicate by email and compare time zone differences to find a mutually suitable appointment time to book Skype Video or Phone Consultation. 50% deposit will be requested to secure the appointment as we treat this service the same as our in clinic ‘Hair Health Check’. Deposit can be paid by PayPal or Credit Card details provided for security and our 24 hour cancellation policy.


For more instruction or information about Skype Video Consultations, Phone Consultations and Holistic Hair Loss Treatments email Carolyn at

All Consultation and Diagnostic services cost $200 and take up to 75 minutes. All required information and images should be provided at least 2 days before the appointed time. Call reception on 07 3229 3242 or email to find out more and book an appointment!

Look forward to meeting you on Skype!

Start Hair Loss Treatments with Skype Video Consultation

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