Shampoo and Conditioner and Hair Loss Treatments

When looking for Hair Loss Treatments you believe the problem is with the hair but is under the scalp the scalp with the hair cell and the hair cycle. Hair Loss Treatments focus on proper scalp preparation to reach through the scalp naturally, but what about your hair? Hair strands are a complex structure made up of many layers.  The core center is called the cortex and the outer layer is called the hair cuticle.

In the event of Hair Loss and Hair Thinning the complex layers of the hair shaft can be damaged from a disturbance at the hair cell which commonly results in poorly growing hair with a disturbed hair cycle and many of the essential layers that make up a hair strand may not be developed resulting in a changed hair structure and diminished hair texture.

When this occurs a prescriptive Shampoo and Conditioner are best to be used to assist with the damaged hair shaft throughout Hair Loss Treatments. Scalp Cleansing with Scalp Cleansers that are essential to assist with scalp preparation when using Natural Hair Loss Treatments can’t be used as a Hair Shampoo unless your hair is no more than 15cm long.

Prescriptive shampoo and conditioner with Hair Loss Treatments are needed for:

  • Hair more than 15cm long
  • Dry, brittle or frizzy hair
  • Hair that is chemically treated
  • Coloured Hair of any type
  • Naturally curly hair

Please remember this important point ‘scalp is skin’; don’t wash your scalp skin with a hair shampoo before, during or after Hair Loss Treatments. Would you wash your face with a hair shampoo?

Yours in health and Hair Loss Treatments,

Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. Trichologist, Absolique Hair Health Clinic


Shampoo and Conditioner and Hair Loss Treatments.

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