Scalp Brush Therapy for Scalp Treatments for Hair Loss

Why we all should do Scalp Brush Therapy; before you wash your hair next time consider this, scalp is skin it is a living thing, skin is the largest living organ of the body, hair is a dead fibre, so you’re trying to wash away dead scalp skin, scalp scale, scalp oil and scalp dandruff with a Hair Shampoo. You wouldn’t wash your face with a Hair Shampoo so don’t wash your precious scalp skin with anything but a Scalp Cleanser. Scalp Brush Therapy prepares the scalp for scalp cleansing which will enhance topical Home Hair Loss Treatments with Natural Hair Loss Treatments.

Scalp Brush Therapy for Scalp Treatments for Hair Loss:

  • Stimulates scalp circulation/blood flow
  • Exfoliates dead scalp skin cells
  • Lifts dead scalp skin scale and dandruff off the scalp
  • Stimulates oil gland attached to each hair follicle
  • Unwanted oil secretes onto surface of the scalp skin to be washed away
  • This scalp stuff can now be washed away with a Scalp Cleanser, a Hair Shampoo won’t do

Scalp Brush Therapy stimulates the muscle attached to every hair follicle and in turn the blood supply, so you are in effect delivering oxygen and nutrients to your hair bulb and creating cellular energy plus flushing out unwanted oil all at the same time. Don’t leave scalp stuff sitting on your scalp skin it should be cleansed as soon as possible with a Scalp Cleanser after Scalp Brush Therapy. Scalp Brush Therapy is very good for oily hair problems and most oily hair clients say they can go an extra day without washing, which is a big deal for daily washers.

Scalp Brush Therapy Instructions: Apply Scalp Brush Therapy over the entire scalp for 1 – 2 minutes until you feel a warm tingling sensation all over the scalp. Scalp Brush Therapy must be on dry hair/scalp before washing. Don’t do Scalp Brush Therapy unless you are going cleanse your scalp with a safe Scalp Cleanser. We can teach you how to do Scalp Brush Therapy with our in clinic program induction complimentary with any initial product purchase or watch Scalp Brush Therapy by Absolique Hair Health Clinic on YouTube. Scalp Brush Therapy feels good too!

Scalp Brush Therapy for Scalp Treatments for Hair Loss

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