Sandy’s Story to Hair Loss Treatments

Our individual life journey leads us through health and ailments. Sandy’s story to Hair Loss Treatments was a constant battle with polyps and sinus requiring prescription medication and surgeries to help ease the painful symptoms and also the birth control ‘pill’.

When Sandy sought help for Hair Loss Treatments from Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T.  at Absolique Hair Health Clinic she said she had always had fine hair but over the past few years she had noticed her hair was thinning and her scalp was increasingly oilier

‘Hair Health Check’ Microscopic Diagnosis found Sandy had an interrupted hair cycle and the hair cells were not dividing replicating her genetic hair and many dormant empty hair follicles in her hair cycle terminal area plus female pattern thinning (FMPT). The combination of both problems explained the reason for hair thinning Sandy was experiencing.

Causes of hair thinning problems can sometimes be hard to find but in Sandy’s case it was obvious that the medications were the cause “starting or stopping any medication that causes systemic changes can cause diffuse hair loss and interrupt the hair cycle”. The inclusion of synthetic hormones from the ‘pill’ also leaves the body in a state when it is introduced or taken away. Modern living requires medications as a part of life and can save us from many misfortunes, but they can have side effects, and in some cases it is hair loss or hair thinning.

So far we have a diagnosis for Sandy with past and recent causes knowing the fact Sandy stopped the pill recently which triggered another bout of diffuse hair loss adding to the hair thinning. We know we are on the right track.

Sandy’s Diagnosis for Hair Loss Treatments:

  • Recent Diffuse Hair Loss from stopping the pill
  • Past Diffuse Hair Loss from prescription sinus medications
  • Interrupted Hair Cycle
  • Damaged Hair Cell , the hair did not grow back properly after Diffuse Hair Loss
  • Female Pattern Thinning (FMPT)
  • Oily Scalp associated with thinning hair and empty follicles

Sandy’s Hair Loss Treatments program included initial 12 x In Clinic correction services for the hair cycle and hair cell combined with HomeCare Hair Loss Treatments for FMPT with nutritional therapy for cellular correction the immune system.

Below are Sandy’s Before and After Hair Loss Treatments images digital and microscopic taken 10 months apart. Sandy is continuing her HomeCare Hair Loss Treatments as we can see with the microscope that more new hairs continue to appear and Sandy reports having more hair now that she ever remembers.

Sandy thoughts on her Hair Loss Treatments journey:

“Carolyn was excellent addressed all the issues of my hair loss problems and offered workable solutions. Looking forward to starting Hair Loss Treatment and seeing results in the near future”

“I have just done the first week of at home treatments. After a bit of re-working my morning and evening routine, I am happy to say I now have more time in the mornings! To be honest the microneedle was initially a little hard to maneuver, but after time, has become somewhat easier (although nowhere near expert!). Loving the scalp cleanser, I don’t think my hair & scalp have ever been cleaner than after using this product. Another new love is the Activance spray, body without any sticky residue that lasts all day! All in all I’ve found it easy to maintain the HomeCare program set out by Carolyn, even during busy days; I look forward to the “ME” time, and feel better for it”

“Thank you Sarah for making my Hair Loss Treatments so enjoyable. I always look forward to see you when I’m in the clinic your are such a pleasure to deal with”

“5th Hair Loss Treatment done, and more new hair growth noticed during the treatment! Can’t believe it’s working so fast and that results are already showing. The best decision I’ve made in a long time was to trust Carolyn and her belief that my hair loss was treatable”

“New more hair discovered in my treatment area this week, so very happy thanks to Carolyn and her team at Absolique”

“My new hair is growing in quickly it seems every few days I’m noticing new hairs that weren’t there before. For those that have doubt about the hair loss treatment offered by Carolyn and her team believe me when I say IT WORKS! Forget the cost, the possible inconvenience of weekly visits or any other excuse you can think of, just do it, you won’t regret it”

“I have only 2 clinic visits to complete my hair loss treatment and my hair seems to be getting easier to manage and style. The hair strands seem thicker and a lot stronger, with less breakage and hair loss. Getting excited for my scope session”

“Last treatment session done & I’m now looking forward to my scope session in a couple of weeks to see the results. Thanks to the team at Absolique for helping me resolve my hair and scalp issues and providing advice and support during my treatment sessions. I now have the tools to ensure a lifelong healthy scalp to encourage further hair growth.

“I’ve been in ‘maintenance mode’ for the last several months and continue to see improvement in all areas of hair growth (and I mean new hair growth), hair volume and scalp health. Thinking back I’ve not actually had to scratch an itch on my scalp since starting the program more than a year ago, and I can say that my scalp prior to starting the hair loss treatments used to get itchy quite regularly! My program (or should I say the way I live now?) is now so ingrained that if for any reason I am unable to have my green drink and vitamins I can physically tell something is ‘not right’ and my energy and concentration levels dip during the day. I cannot thank Carolyn enough for her absolute confidence in her products and that her hair loss treatment recommendations would work, with guaranteed results. I also have to thank Carolyn’s team for their professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication; clinic visits are an absolute joy! I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it for the rest of my life, if you have any concerns regarding hair loss, GO AND SEE CAROLYN she will fix it – guaranteed!”



Sandra Microscopic Images Before & After Hair Loss Treatments

Sandra Microscopic Images Before & After Hair Loss Treatments


Sandy’s Story to Hair Loss Treatments.

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