Root Cause Book Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney

Root Cause Book Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney

Root Cause Book Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney

‘Root Cause’ a book by Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP looks into Hashimotos Thyroiditis and how finding and treating the root cause with lifestyle adjustments can make a huge improvement in health. Wentz teams up with Marta Nowosadzka MD to help us understand that there is more to Hashimotos than just hypothyroidism, this book comes not only from a medical and science viewpoint by also from a personal level.

Wentz is familiar with the symptoms patients face suffering with Hashimotos, and sadly numerous medical tests fails to provide an accurate diagnosis, or even address symptoms let alone the root cause. The author points out that it can take years of health problems and certain lifestyle choices for Hashimotos to rear its head.

Root Cause Book Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney:

  • Easy to understand book
  • Realise that there is more to Hashimotos than just hypothyroidism
  • Finding root cause and symptoms to address them
  • Educate yourself about what is harming your immune system
  • Take back your power to learn how you can help your hypothyroidism

From the viewpoint of a Trichologist and also as a keen reader of health books, I have found this book to be consistent with information and also about supporting our health through lifestyle choices, nutrition, and empowering ourselves to learn what is harmful to our immune system and overall health. When we delve into both hyper and hypothyroidism we see the causes to be autoimmune in nature.

I believe this book to be another great tool to help assist us identifying health triggers so we can protect and prevent ourselves from falling into the deep unknown when we are faced with these symptoms. I always say to educate yourself, nobody knows your body better than you, so empower yourself to understand your body.

This book will help you understand the choices you have to change the direction of your health, and assist you in finding a functional practitioner who aligns with your beliefs. Like many of the other books we’ve reviewed here at Absolique, I highly recommend this book, as its foundation is based on fact, with many science based findings and discussing common misconceptions about iodine overload/deficiencies that can be related to thyroid function.

If you know anyone, or you yourself are dealing with autoimmune or thyroid concerns, please take time to read this comprehensive guide to start at the root. For more information about thyroid related hair loss and hair thinning, you if you would like to share your story or for more information about Root Cause Book Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney, email Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney, hair loss specialist at or call 02 8014 6916 to speak directly with our team. Check out our website to learn more about us and our services to help you.

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