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Retex and Hair Loss Sydney

Retex is a permanent hair straightening treatment by Bio Ionic.

With Retex permanent hair straightening you will get a re-growth as the treated hair will forever remain in the newly formed straight state. Straight hair from Retex is a natural looking straight, not a stick straight that can happen with other hair straightening treatments.

In this video we perform Retex on the re-growth and take much time and care to protect the previously processed hair. Retex is a chemical service, and professional hair straightening technicians understand that it is unnecessary to double process, overlap or treat the previously processed hair.

Consultation should always be performed prior to any hair straightening to obtain the hair history, even when you think you know your clients hair, as things can change.

For example, the hair cycle can be interrupted or the hair may be thinning, or the client may have had hair loss. Any of these circumstances can result in hair shaft changes that will affect the outcome of the hair straightening treatment.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic perform only safe hair straightening and hair relaxing treatments as we understand the intrinsic nature and structure of hair and hair growth.

When a hair loss, hair thinning or hair growth problems are indicated, Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. uses a video microscope to diagnose the cause and corrective hair loss treatments may be required to prepare the hair for a safe hair straightening treatment.

In some cases the hair loss, hair thinning or hair growth problems can be protected during the hair straightening treatment, but the result can be less effective as the structure of the hair strand has changed an may not act as it should due to loss of the layers that make up every single hair.

Retex is retexturizing the hair and predominately relies on the reformation of the disulphide bonds in hair.

If the layer in the hair that contains the disulphide bonds has not formed properly or has been chemically or physically damaged, or coated by keratin and silicones, the chemical changes required cannot take place.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic always include Nanomax permanent hair repair in every hair straightening and hair relaxing treatment. By doing so results in healthier hair at the end of the procedure than when we began.

Yours in Healthy Hair,

Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T..

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