Results with Male Hair Loss Treatments

Sharing another great result with Absolique Hair Health Clinic Male Hair Loss Treatments. Client History: Male, 28, with 3 years of hair thinning and hair loss, no family history of male pattern thinning (MPT), the most common cause of Male Hair Loss Treatments related to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Health history of long term medication, broken sleep and poor nutrition.

Microscopic diagnosis discovered an interrupted hair cycle with up to 18 hairs per centimetre thinner than normal when compared to genetic hair type in terminal area and also presence of MPT (male pattern thinning) related to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which can be hereditary, hormonal and environmental and these days is also driven faster by free radial damage and weakened cell immune system.

Complete Combination Therapy – Male Hair Loss Treatments:

  • Weekly Hair Cycle Treatment
  • 3 x weekly Male Pattern Thinning Treatment
  • Prescriptive hair washing including Antioxidant spray
  • pH testing and alkalizing as necessary
  • Nutritional Therapy including Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Antioxidants and natural DHT inhibitor
  • Complete Combination Therapy for 4 months
  • Maintenance Home Care Hair Loss Treatments to continue with goal to achieve maximum result over the next year or two

The first 4 months is always the hardest and longest but you have to start somewhere! Maintenance is easy, cost effective and reduces further to basic Home Care over time. Results are best tracked with the microscope ‘Scope Session’ with check-ups every 6 months to make sure everything is on track.

Hair Loss and Hair Thinning is a sign something is wrong within the body, don’t ignore the signs! Natural Hair Loss Treatments address symptoms and causes and always have a positive health impact. The first step needs to be correct diagnosis as the hair cycle is important to understand and the role it plays with speed of male pattern thinning. Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist offers microscopic diagnosis with ‘Hair Health Check’ for $200 which takes up to 75 minutes. Contact Absolique for further information and to book your appointment – 07 3229 3242 or

Results with Male Hair Loss Treatments

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