Results from Mens Hair Loss Treatments Sydney

At first glance this case would seem to be a simple case of male pattern hair thinning. Consultation and microscopic diagnosis uncovered a family history of male pattern hair thinning. However, the hair thinning had not started in other family members until much later in life.

At age 28 we could easily make out the typical pattern of hair thinning typical of mens hereditary hair thinning. What was occurring here was early onset male pattern hair thinning. This means it is happening at a much younger age and is caused by other factors than typical hereditary factors.  Early onset male pattern hair thinning also happens more rapidly that typical hereditary mens hair thinning.

Results from Mens Hair Loss Treatments Sydney:

  • Step one – correct diagnosis
  • Family history and age of onset of male hair thinning
  • Is the hair thinning rapid?
  • Is there increased hair loss?
  • Identify hair type, hair cell and hair cycle function
  • Use combination therapy to address symptoms and causes

This was not a typical case of male pattern hair thinning because there were other associated factors. There was a medical history of health concerns. Medical conditions and medications can impact the hair cell and hair cycle. We found a high percentage of terminal hairs not functioning properly. This will weaken the hair cells immunity.

This diffuse hair thinning could have been caused by past diffuse hair loss. This is commonly associated with past use of acne medications such as roaccutaine. The medication is effective and in many cases essential, but it can have side effects. We always check blood tests to make sure health is on track now. With all this information, we can suggest individual hair loss treatment options in combination therapy. Absolique hair loss treatments for men address all symptoms and causes to deliver natural hair growth treatment.

We’re happy with progress of the hair growth treatment so far, considering some lifestyle difficulties with work and travel commitments. We will always prepare a manageable plan to achieve and maintain results. We hope you appreciate the hair growth treatment results achieved with a topical focus and now nutritional direction. Feel free to contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for your correct diagnosis and individual hair growth treatment and hair loss treatment for men. Call reception on 02 8014 6916 or email Trichologist Sydney

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Results from Mens Hair Loss Treatments Sydney