Absolique Acid Buffer

A citrus flavoured oral powder designed to assist in raising your body pH when necessary.

pH is measured on a scale of 0 – 14. Midrange at 7 is where the pH is balanced. Anything below 7 is acidic and a state where your body does not function as designed. Above 7 is called Alkaline.

Alkaline is the state in which your body thrives. Disease cannot live in an alkaline body environment.

Alkaline pH is important to the successful absorption of any natural supplements.

Hair Loss Products

Absolique Hair Health Clinic use and recommend Natural Supplements to assist with body balance during our combination approach to Natural Hair Loss Treatments and scalp problems. For your body to effectively digest and absorb Natural Supplements your body must be in an Alkaline state! A positive side effect of an alkaline body is better body function and balance resulting in improved health, which will aid healthy hair, scalp and skin, plus many other positive effects.

How to use Absolique Acid Buffer: If urine pH at first morning sample is below 7.0, add 1 heaped teaspoon (approximately 5g) into a small glass of filtered water, drink just before bedtime.

Importance of filtered water: Do not use tap water to take the Acid Buffer, you will only be alkalizing the tap water, not your body.

Absolique Acid Buffer individual ingredients have been used to neutralize body acidity, can be used as a safe antacid to treat acid indigestion and heartburn, have been used to treat chronic forms of metabolic acidosis, are useful in urinary alkalinisation, raise pH, are used as a universal medicine that is nutritional as well as safe.

Absolique Acid Buffer is FREE from ingredients that can harm your skin and health.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Ascorbate, Sodium Citrate, Malic Acid, Natural Lemon/Lime. Excipents: Silica Colloidal.


Absolique Acid Buffer Information Sheet