Product Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney

Product Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney

Product Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney

Product Review by Hair Loss Specialist, Modere protein powder. This simple, yummy supplement is gluten-free, vegan friendly, both vanilla and chocolate flavours and delivers essential protein that your body requires for your health and exercise regime, not just to increase muscle mass, but to assist you in a broad encompassing way.

Modere Green Qi is used by Absolique Hair Health Clinic Hair Loss Specialist as an alkalizing drink that supports facilitation of absorption required when using nutritional supplements for cellular support and when addressing deficiency. We can recommend Modere protein powder be mixed with your Green Qi for flavour, to make it more filling and to support low iron and ferritin.

Product Review by Hair Loss Specialist Sydney – Modere Protein Powder:
• No Gluten
• Vegan
• Ingredients that are tested and safe
• May assist with nutritional iron support
• Mixes well with Green Qi

Modere protein powder is not a replacement for any iron supplements and is not meant as a meal replacement. We find that poor hair growth and hair loss develop from low iron/ferritin and moving iron studies. Which in turn affects appetite, digestion and absorption. When the pea protein is added to the Green drink, it can aid in increasing your protein intake and help with the natural taste of taking the Green drink. Absolique stand by and recommend Modere because their products are safe and tested to ensure there are never any harmful ingredients contained in them.

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