Premature Grey Hair reversed with Herbal Hair Loss Treatments

Premature grey hair is normally a family heredity trait accepted or covered by hair dye until an acceptable age for grey hair. Premature grey hair is now happening to men and women in their early 20’s and 30’s with no family history.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic’s Herbal Hair Loss Treatments have shown to reduce and correct premature grey hair using combination therapy including:

  • pH testing and alkalizing
  • Adding supplement of plant derived colloidal minerals
  • Getting a variety of Essential Fatty Acids from the diet or supplementation
  • Using Antioxidants
  • Ensuring all of the Fat Soluble and Water Soluble Vitamins are in the diet or Multi-Vitamin

When the hair cycle is interrupted or the hair cells are not functioning properly it can result in premature grey hair and also translucent hairs. Grey hairs have no colour because the melanocytes can no longer produce natural hair pigment. Translucent hairs are thinner than your normal hairs and don’t have the required layers to produce or hold the natural hair pigment. Thinner translucent hairs will not be able to hold artificial colour pigment either because there is no room for the colour molecule, so if you are experiencing problems with hair colouring this could be why.

Both of these examples can be treated with Combination Therapy and Herbal Hair Loss Treatments. This is a holistic approach and provides the body and in turn the hair all it needs to grow properly. At Absolique Hair Health Clinic we track all of our hair loss treatments with a microscope and it is commonly noted the return of natural hair pigment after Combination Therapy Herbal Hair Loss Treatments. Genetics can’t be changed however with the right steps they can be slowed down and delayed and premature grey hair can be avoided. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for advice on avoiding and reversing premature grey hair and Herbal Hair Loss Treatments.

Premature Grey Hair reversed with Herbal Hair Loss Treatments.