pH and your sleep with Hair Loss Treatments Sydney

Many people can function on six or less hours of sleep nightly. Research is that adults who get less than 7 hours sleep for one night or over the course of days, weeks, or even months, have more difficulty concentrating, mood swings, less energy compromised immune systems and lowered pH and many other negative health effects compared to people who sleep seven plus hours a night.

There is a relationship between sleep and health, and it will affect your pH. The amount of sleep we get is on the declining for various reasons, the price we pay for modern life. We tend to lead busy lives and it gets difficult to fit everything in so good sleep gets left out. Sleep is one thing our bodies need to process the very life we are living. Continual lack of sleep will affect overall health eventually. It is also common that as we get older, sleep can be less satisfying and less restorative.

pH and your sleep with Hair Loss Treatments Sydney. What happens inside your body while you sleep:

  1. Process of Digestion
  2. Absorption of nutrients
  3. Healing and Repairing
  4. Transport of nutrients and hormones amongst many other elements
  5. Alkalising, your body trying to create the perfect balance

Seven hours sleep allows the body to processes all that has happened during the day and also deal with the things we have accumulated over the years. Sleep should be deep and uninterrupted for the body to digest, absorb, heal, repair, transport and alkalise. Our immune systems are generally not optimised because of exposure to harmful elements throughout our lives, so your immune system is working overtime every night fighting what it thinks is the most important battle, so you can simply function the next day.

Continued broken sleep will impact your pH and body processes. This is a common denominator related to the causes of hair loss and hair thinning these days. Most people are also not eating nutritious food, and for those who are, the nutrients are not being processed or transported because the lowered immune system.

Watching and learning about your pH and working toward good sleep is positive and will assist with the success of Hair Loss Treatments. In the 1st 4 months of hair loss treatments at Absolique, we will help you with alkalising that is required to get hair loss treatment results. Taking on healthful lifestyle choices and understanding pH is not just about the food you eat or what you drink. Other life factors such as stress you experience, emotions you feel, toxins you are exposed to everyday and the toxins already in your body, do also have an impact on your pH and bodies are already struggling and then, we don’t get enough sleep.

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pH and your sleep with Hair Loss Treatments Sydney.