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Additional to our alkalizing article, I want to share where some of your exposure to toxins could be coming from. A great book ‘Dangerous Beauty’ by Peter Dingle (PhD), is part of my personal library and I refer back to it frequently, checking on the safety of personal care product ingredients. Get an overview on the book here

Many personal care products contain ingredients that are toxic or not safe. The list of ingredients that have concerns surrounding them is extensive and constantly growing. The ingredients listed here are some of the most commonly used toxic ones. To avoid these ingredients, I find the best option was to find a company like Modere who are committed to making safe, effective products avoiding all known toxic ingredients.

Personal Products and Hair Loss Treatment Sydney, commonly used Toxic Personal Care Product Ingredients:

  • Shampoos and Conditioners – SLS, SLES, cocamiopropyl betaine, glycerine, quaternium, coal tar, DEA, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, tallow, isopropanol
  • Hair Sprays and Hair Styling Products – DEA, BHA, methylene chloride, toluene, fluorocarbons
  • Hair Colours and Hair Dyes – phenylenediamine, hydroxyanisole
  • Skin Care and Cosmetics – Propylene glycol, parabens, DEA, 2-bromo2-nitropropane I, Bronopol, BNDP, BHA, coal tar, formaldehyde, glycerine, alpha hydroxyl acids, lanolin, mineral oil, SLS, SLES, PEG, sodium hydroxymethglycinate, petrolatum, bentonite, kaolin, talc
  • Toothpaste – Fluoride, SLS, parabens, saccharin, propylene glycol, artificial flavours and colours
  • Antiperspirants – Aluminium, propylene glycol, triclosan
  • Sunscreens – PABA, benzophenones, dibenzoylmethanes
  • Baby products – BHA, propylene glycol, talc, SLS, SLES
  • Bubble bath and body washes – SLS, SLES, DEA, TEA MEA, quatenium, PEG, fragrances
  • Soaps – Tallow, lye which is a skin irritant
  • Shaving creams – SLS, propylene glycol, DEA, MEA, PEG
  • Nail Products – Acetone, acetonitrile, formaldehyde, toluene, isopropanol
  • Fragrances – found in perfumes, air fresheners and fragrances in a wide range of personal care products can cause asthma, hyperactivity and headaches. Over 100 toxic ingredients not identified on labels used as fragrances are capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system damage and allergic reactions

As you can see, there is a lot more to personal care products than meets the eye. Absolique Hair Health Clinic do not use or recommend hair growth products that contain harmful or toxic ingredients. We have researched extensively to be sure the products we use and recommend are safe and really are what they say they are but also importantly, do what that are designed to do.

The toxins found in personal care product can have a detrimental effect on your pH levels from the exposure today and in the past without even considering work and environmental exposure to harmful substances. At least we can take charge of our homes and gradually swap harmful products for ones that are safe for you and your family.

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Personal Care Products and Hair Loss Treatment Sydney