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Permanent Hair Straightening & Post Partum Alopecia by Hair Loss Sydney

It should be no surprise that the hormones active during pregnancy can affect the hair.
Contrary to common knowledge, hairdressing chemical services such as hair colouring, chemical hair straightening or perming, are of no danger to mother or baby.

What actually happens is the hormones can make the hair developing at that time resistant to normal procedures as mentioned above.
The hair that is affected today will take 3 months to reach the surface of the scalp as a formed hair.
With this time frame in mind, the resistant hair from pregnancy will then have to grow away from the scalp and will remain resistant until such time as it is cut off.
So when considering hairdressing hair treatments, you can do a time calculation to estimate where the pregnancy affected hair is at. Always inform your hairdresser of your pregnancy so consideration can be given to the possible resistant hair.

In saying this, not every pregnancy will result in resistant hair; however, every pregnancy will result in Post Partum Alopecia, which is a form of Diffuse Hair Loss.
In the last trimester of pregnancy, normal falling hairs (telogen hairs), remain in the hair follicle. Many women can relate to the ‘pregnant glow’ at this stage of the pregnancy.
3 months after birth, breast feeding or return of menstrual cycle, the hairs retained in the last trimester of pregnancy now fall along with the normal daily shedding hairs.

This Post Pregnancy Hair Loss will continue for 3 months with up to 320 hairs falling each day.
In a perfect world, once the hair shedding has stopped, the hair growth and hair cycle should resume and recovery should take place over 9 months.

Sadly, these days there are so many other contributing factors that affect health and in turn hair, Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T.  is finding most women who visit the clinic have a hair cycle problem which was triggered by the pregnancy and has not resumed to normal resulting in hair thinning.

This is not all bad news, there are measures that can be taken to slow the affect of the unavoidable Post Partum Alopecia and also assistance in ensuring the hair cycle is functioning correctly during and after the time of the hair loss with many hair loss treatments choices available.

Yours in Healthy Hair,
Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. Trichologist
Absolique Hair Health Clinic.

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