Pattern Thinning Hair, it’s not Hair Loss!

This is so traditionally misunderstood! Pattern Thinning Hair is as the word describes hair thinning. It only occurs in a specific location on the scalp that is well documented. This distinct pattern thinning hair can present as hair thinning and over a long period of time result in baldness specifically at the top, front, recessions and crown. This pattern thinning hair can never effect the hair at the back of the head. Pattern thinning hair is not hair loss. Hair loss is a term that is unfortunately and frequently used when talking about any hair changes. One needs to understand the distinct difference between pattern thinning hair and actual hair loss.

Male pattern thinning hair and female pattern thinning hair are not hair loss. The hair is not actually falling out. Hair Loss is physically seeing hairs that have released from the scalp. One may think they have hair loss because hair is visually thinning where you can see it, this makes you look for every hair falling that you may not have previously noticed. Most people when asked to describe their hair concerns, use the term hair loss when pointing to the pattern thinning hair areas.

Pattern Thinning Hair, it’s not Hair Loss:

  • Pattern thinning hair are shrinking hairs
  • Normal terminal hairs can shrink to transitional hairs
  • Transitional hairs can shrink to vellus hairs
  • Vellus hairs can shrink and eventually become empty follicles
  • Pattern thinning hair can be naturally treated
  • Specific symptoms and causes need to be understood
  • Pattern thinning hair is not hair loss, it is a slow shrinking that can be prevented and treated

Microscopic diagnosis is the best way to find if indeed it is pattern thinning hair or something going on with the hair cell and hair cycle related to hair loss. In most cases, what you think is pattern thinning hair is a type of diffuse hair loss or diffuse hair thinning which effect hair all over the head. Sadly it is only noticed at the front, top and recessions where it is easy to notice changes visually. What is noted in most of cases presenting as pattern thinning hair, realising and correcting the diffuse thinning hair problem at a cellular level, has a positive effect on pattern thinning hair. Keep in mind the best results are achieved when you start with correct diagnosis available with Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney Carolyn Evans-Frost.

Pattern thinning hair is related to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is in part every humans body and responsible for functions related to body hair and the integumentary system. DHT also has other important responsibilities within the body, such as being a precursor to other enzyme reactions in the body. DHT can however be triggered to bind to receptors of the hair bulb and some of the triggers can be; hereditary, hormonal, environmental and from free radicals.

Just to go over it again, pattern thinning hair is not hair loss. If you cannot see a distinct hereditary pattern thinning hair that started at your age then you need to investigate further. The hair cellular function and hair cycle may have been disturbed, which weakens the cellular immune system and can allow DHT to bind quicker than it normally would.

An easy body check is with pH testing. Knowing your daily body pH will teach you about what your body is doing or if it is struggling. Body pH is so very insightful and must be known and understood to take any natural supplements such as DHT inhibitors and nutritional supplements that may be suggested by Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney for cellular health through nutrition.

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Pattern Thinning Hair, it’s not Hair Loss!