Nutritional Supplements for Initial Hair Loss Treatment Sydney

Historically we were getting nutrients from the food we eat. Nutrients are the elements derived from food to support health. Health supports the many complex processes of the human body and its various systems functions. Nutrients from food have been compromised and our understanding of nutrition has been shifted far from reality.

Talking about nutrition these days, many would say they eat healthy and have a good diet. When asked to describe the healthy food and good diet most start listing food groups. There are 5 main food groups; food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruit, vegetables, legumes and dairy. Nutrition these days focuses on balancing the 5 food groups. But this misses the point of real nutrition for cell health. The real nutrients are; Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Fat Soluble Vitamins, Water Soluble Vitamins and Antioxidants.

Nutritional Supplements for Initial Hair Loss Treatment Sydney:

  • 60-80 Essential Minerals required by the human body everyday
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Water Soluble Vitamins
  • Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • Antioxidants

Minerals should be derived from the soil. Eating plants and animal products should provide us with the minerals from the soil. The minerals are no longer in the soil. Most farms must use fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides to protect their crops and herds. Essential fatty acids should be in plants and animals that have obtained all they need from the soil, sun and water. Vitamins should be derived from plants and animals that have all the required minerals and essential fatty acids from environment they grow in. Antioxidants should be created from vitamin, essential fatty acid and mineral combinations. The food chain is broken. It is now very difficult to get nutrition from food.

GMO (genetically modified organism) now dominate or food supply. GMO produce is not labeled. GMO produce has limited nutritional value but can also be harmful to health. Addition of non-food like additives and preservatives leaves little nutrition. In the rare event there is a trace of nutrition left, it is lost in storage, processing and cooking.

This is the reality of nutrition today. Do you have a healthy nutrient dense diet? Really? Absolique Hair Health Clinic use and recommend safe, chemical free nutritional supplements along with pH testing and alkalizing for best results with individual Hair Loss Treatment Sydney.

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Nutritional Supplements for Initial Hair Loss Treatment Sydney