Nutrition and Hair Loss Treatments at Absolique Hair Health Clinic

Hair loss and is the symptom of something wrong with body balance. The process of Hair Loss Treatments should address the symptom and the cause and bring the body back to balance. A frequent cause of body imbalance is the lack of essential nutrients leading to a deficiency state. It is realized we need food for life, but this becomes complex when understanding it is the nutrients in the food that supports health and life through delivering essential nutrients to us for body balance.

One of the modern problems here is what we have come to accept as food is not whole food. Commonly consumed foods are in packets, have long ingredients list and ingredients you cannot spell or pronounce, include numbers that represent chemical names and are usually processed industrialized products food that have little or no essential nutrients required for body balance.

Returning to whole food sounds like the answer by purchasing meat from the butcher, seafood from the markets, fruit and vegetables from the green grocer or the outer aisles of the supermarkets like most busy people these days. Wherever you turn to buy real whole food there are some questions you need to ask:

  • Animal foods, what did the animal eat?
  • Free range eggs, what did the chicken that laid the egg eat?
  • Where the seafood is caught and how old is it?
  • Are the waters where the seafood is from contaminated?
  • Is the seafood farmed and what does farmed seafood eat?
  • Where are the fruit and vegetables grown?
  • We’re fertilizers and chemical pesticides used to grow the fruit and vegetables?
  • Are there minerals (how many) and natural organic compounds in the soil of the fruit and vegetables you are eating?
  • Were the fruit and vegetables genetically modified not labeled GMO?

Finding the answers to these questions is difficult. You can ask your butcher, the fish monger at the seafood market or your local green grocer and they may know the answers but who can you ask at the supermarket? Farmers market generally means locally grown and not much more if you start asking the questions. Organic in general means they have grown the food without chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides but does not ensure all the minerals and organic compounds were in the soil that supported the farm animals and fruit and vegetable crops.

To get back to body balance and which is required for successful hair loss treatments, the human cell requires a complex supply, balance and interaction of essential minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, fat soluble and water soluble vitamins to create the antioxidants and enzyme actions that support our immune system and general cell health on a daily basis all of which should be supplied from the variety of foods we eat.

Our food chain is broken and is letting us down so wherever we turn it is not easy to obtain the nutrients required for basic health and natural Hair Loss Treatments. The solution at Absolique Hair Health Clinic is to use safe nutritional supplements with combination therapy Hair Loss Treatments whilst we help you to gain back the knowledge of a balanced diet and source real whole food to provide all of the required nutrients.

For more information on Nutrition and Hair Loss Treatments and  Natural Hair Loss Treatments contact Carolyn Evans-Frost Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic (07) 3229 3242(07) 3229 3242

Nutrition and Hair Loss Treatments at Absolique Hair Health Clinic
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