New Treatments for Hair Loss should include The Hair Cycle

Hair Loss is a term used to describe many different types of problems with the hair. But there is a difference between hair loss and hair thinning which is often confused. Normal Hair Loss is the falling of hairs natural to the daily hair cycle of hair loss. We should lose between 70 – 160 hairs per day every day, but when you are experiencing hair loss, this can be double or appear to be more if you only wash your hair once or twice a week. This is called Diffuse Hair Loss or Anagen Efluvium.

Hair Thinning is mostly related to Female Pattern Thinning and Male Pattern Thinning and is not hair loss:

  • New Treatments for Hair Loss should include The Hair Cycle
  • Pattern Thinning is caused by Dihydrotestosterone DHT
  • DHT does not cause hair loss, it is hair thinning

Diffuse hair loss can expose an underlying hair thinning problem. Once your hair cycle is diagnosed with a microscope by a qualified practitioner such as a Trichologist, it is clear to see that diffuse hair loss is the main concern, which has exposed female pattern thinning or male pattern thinning.

Most hair loss treatments focus on DHT without understanding the hair cycle and the effect diffuse hair loss can leave on the hair cell. This misunderstanding is normally why singular hair loss treatments deliver minimal and short term results. What is needed is New Hair Loss Treatments for Hair Loss focused on The Hair Cycle.

As practicing Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic I spend my days examining, diagnosing and explaining the difference between hair loss and hair thinning and how both problems have very different causes, symptoms and also require Combination Therapy Hair Loss Treatments for the best and long term results.

Diffuse hair loss does not trigger DHT however if the underlying causes are there; hereditary, hormonal and environmental exposure, the cell that may be weak say from iron deficiency, imbalanced thyroid, nutritional deficiencies and other health concerns, the weakness or free radial effect can allow the DHT to build up quicker in the Pattern Thinning area than it usually would.

Microscopic Diagnosis of Hair Loss and Hair Thinning available at Absolique Hair Health Clinic via a Hair Health Check service that will set you back $200 and 75 minutes and on a path of recovery from diffuse hair loss, address Pattern Thinning and long term hair health. Remember, DHT does not cause hair loss…ever!

New Treatments for Hair Loss should include The Hair Cycle

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