New Hair Loss Treatments and Your pH

New Hair Loss Treatments at Absolique Hair Health Clinic often include learning about your pH. Your body pH reflects your health and is more than the food you eat. Our bodies accumulate Free Radicals from toxins from the day we are born. Think about your past, do you think you may have been exposed to Free Radicals in some way through food, lifestyle, environment, medications, immunization, chemicals and pesticides? Repeated exposure to Free Radicals can have an effect and in turn wear down your immune system which can be associated with hair loss and hair thinning. Free Radical damage is often the very reason you have sought out New Hair Loss Treatments.

Nutrition from food is supposed to provide the body all it needs to support body functions including making antioxidants to combat Free Radicals and support the immune system. Modern living has affected the nutrition in food and some food is the Free Radical. Our body’s immune system is run down, Free Radicals are taking over and causing havoc to the body and in turn the hair. Many time the hair is the first sign that the body is struggling. Understanding how Free Radical build up and exposure effects your pH will help with New Hair Loss Treatments.

Often when pH testing changes are made to the food eaten but the pH does not rise. This is because body cells store Free Radicals lowering your pH.

New Hair Loss Treatments and pH:

  • pH test urine first thing in the morning
  • pH should be 7.0 neutral or above
  • When pH is lower than 7.0 use Green Qi Alkalizing powder and Acid Buffer
  • Mix Green Qi and Acid Buffer only with filtered water
  • Take nutritional supplements with Green Qi when pH is lower than 7

To achieve results from New Hair Loss Treatments it is informative to test your pH and make healthful changes but if your pH does not meet 7.0 neutral and you are not eating alkaline meals we will cheat naturally with Green Qi to make your Nutritional Supplements absorb from the beginning of New Hair Loss Treatments whilst you work on raising your pH. When healthful changes don’t raise your pH you know there is a Free Radical problem which can be corrected through an Oral Chelation Therapy which entails a clean eating plan and supplementation for a period of 3-4 months. For more information on Oral Chelation Therapy contact Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic and in the meantime happy pH testing!

New Hair Loss Treatments and Your pH.