Natural Minerals with Hair Loss Treatments Sydney

The human body requires 60-80 essential minerals each day. Minerals have both synergists and antagonists. Synergists work together with other minerals, antagonist work against other minerals. Most minerals have both synergists and antagonists. This mineral balance is important to understand addressing individual mineral deficiency such as iron.

Supporting only the deficient mineral can cause highs and lows in other minerals levels within the body. When mineral deficiency is present we should provide a base of all of the 60-80 essential minerals preferable in a plant derived liquid organic form. Also understand the difference between elemental inorganic minerals and organic minerals for the sake of absorption and opposition.

Natural Minerals with Hair Loss Treatments Sydney:

  • The human body requires 60-80 essential minerals each day
  • Plant derived liquid minerals are the easiest to absorb
  • Best to take in a pH balanced environment
  • Take at a separate time to elemental inorganic minerals

Plant derived organic liquid minerals are the best source for absorption and a balanced mineral base. Further absorption can be achieved by taking in a pH alkaline environment. Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney suggests Modere Green Qi to create the alkaline environment mixed with Modere Liquid Minerals. Modere are a safe and trusted product company using only safe ingredients that are tested for purity every batch. Some over the counter alkalizers and minerals supplements are not safely derived or can be contaminated with toxic elements and may do the opposite of what we are trying to achieve or simply not work at all.

A good plant derived organic liquid mineral supplement is a positive daily habit to ensure we have a good mineral base. We are supposed to get minerals from food by the minerals that should be present in soil. Plants should convert the minerals from soil into an organic absorbable form. We should get all the required minerals from eating a balanced diet but sadly, our soils have changed and are rarely naturally mineralized. Increased populations have forced agriculture to use only certain minerals in fertilizers, then other chemicals and pesticides are required.

The result is mineral deficient soil in many places in the world. For the general population, it is easier to use a simple daily supplement organic Liquid Minerals to ensure all minerals are working in synergy. To source food from mineralized soil is very difficult and expensive. Contact Absolique Trichologist Sydney for more information on Natural Minerals with Hair Loss Treatments Sydney.

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Natural Minerals with Hair Loss Treatments Sydney