Natural Hair Loss Treatments Sydney with Microneedle Therapy

Microneedle therapy using a scalp roller acts as a facilitator to assist Absolique Hair Health Clinic natural hair loss treatments Sydney and hair thinning treatments. Microneedle therapy acts as a facilitator for hair loss treatments by creating micro channels which assist absorption of natural hair growth products. This assistance helps natural hair growth products reach the target site of the hair bulge but can only be performed on a clean scalp to be effective. The microneedles create micro channels on the scalp surface to the dermis which assists absorption of natural hair growth products eliminating the need for chemicals commonly used to break through the skins surface.

Microneedle therapy is also known to trigger a natural healing response at cellular level which can assist in the process of cellular function, the site of hair growth and also collagen production within the scalps dermis. The microneedle has 192 tiny stainless steel acupuncture like needles with 0.75mm needle length. The word ‘needle’ will always conjure up fear, but be assured it is not an unpleasant experience and should not create any pain.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments Sydney with Microneedle Therapy, Scalp Microneedle Specifications:

  • 75mm needle length is best for scalp microneedle therapy
  • Scalp microneedles should have at least 192 tiny individual microneedles
  • Microneedle therapy should be pain free with just a slight pricking sensation
  • Microneedle therapy enhances collagen and elastin production that assists scalp skin repair
  • Scalp microneedle is reusable lasting 180 applications
  • Cannot be used if stainless steel allergic, active acne, eczma, warts, moles, skin cancers, broken or irritated skin
  • Microneedle can only to be used by one individual person
  • Microneedle can be clean and sterilized with medical grade alcohol sterilizing solution or denture cleaner

You should not experience pain or bleeding from microneedle therapy. If either occur, reduce applied pressure or check the usage age of your Microneedle. Microneedles do become blunt over time and need replacing when 180 uses are achieved. There will be no visible signs of microneedle becoming blunt, counting uses is the best indicator.

You can ask Absolique Hair Health Clinic and Trichologist Sydney check and count and count your microneedle uses before considering replacing your microneedle. In some cases, microneedle use may no longer be required depending on your stage of hair loss treatment Sydney. In most cases hair loss treatments do become easier overtime and so we can afford to drop out certain steps and/or hair growth products Sydney.

On its own, Microneedle therapy is not a hair loss treatment or a hair thinning treatment. Microneedle therapy is only a facilitator enhancing absorption of natural hair growth products. Microneedle therapy is not advised to be used with any products that contain chemical ingredients. Microneedle therapy is best used in combination therapy following correct diagnosis. Understanding all symptoms and causes of your individual hair loss or hair thinning concerns is the key to successful hair loss treatments. Microneedle therapy should not be applied more often than once every other day.

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Natural Hair Loss Treatments Sydney with Microneedle Therapy