Natural Hair Loss Treatments – Mixing Green Qi

The Green Drink we use to assist with absorption of Nutritional Supplements and DHT inhibitors with our Natural Hair Loss Treatments has a growing list of feedback like this one here; ‘The only thing I do find very trying about my Hair Loss Treatments is the green drink. When it’s first thing in the morning and all you want to do is have a nice breakfast and you end up having to drink the Green Qi it doesn’t make you jump up and down with excitement that’s for sure’, ‘So green stuff…still tasting yuk, going to try the suggestion from the girls at Absolique Hair Health Clinic’.

Try this recipe for taking Green Qi with Natural Hair Loss Treatments to eliminate the smell and taste:

  • 200ml chilled  filtered water
  • A generous teaspoon of Neways 5ibre powder tangerine tasting  fiber supplement
  • A generous teaspoon of Neways Green Qi alkalizing powder
  • Coloured or stainless protein shaker with drinking spout and new mixing balls

Directions – Get your supplements sorted out and ready to go. The trick to this working is to drink the mixture as soon as the powder has mixed with the water; the longer Green Qi is in the water the stronger the flavor!

Add in order water, 5ibre and finally the green Qi to protein shaker and screw lid closed tightly. Shake quickly and drink it straight away. Don’t remove the lid; just use the flip top drinking spout. When you can’t see or smell the solution the taste disappears. Mind over matter :o))) Take supplements when downing Green drink if you can. If not it is perfectly ok to follow with another glass of filtered water for supplements. If using Plant Derived Colloidal Liquid Mineral Feroxin or Super Synbiotic Lacto Flora add recommended amount after the water and before the other powders.

Remember to take on a hungry tummy and not with any food except for natural or roasted nuts, NOT salted, flavored, oiled or fruit/nut mixes. And one last tip, don’t eat any food that may compromise the effective absorption of the Green Qi and supplements until you have a hungry tummy again. If uou have any questions or suggestions about taking Green Qi email Absolique Hair Health Clinic

Natural Hair Loss Treatments – Mixing Green Qi.

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