Natural Hair Loss Treatment Sydney with Green Drink

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney teaches how to use the green drink as a facilitator to create an alkaline environment for absorption of nutritional supplements.  Nutritional supplements may be required for combination therapy, cellular correction with Natural Hair Loss Treatments Sydney. Nutritional supplements require an alkaline environment to effectively be digested, absorbed and transported. Understanding your body pH will help you know when to use the green drink.

If your pH is out of balance you risk wasting money taking nutritional supplements. They simply won’t absorb if the pH is out of balance and you end up with expensive urine. I see this all the time, people are taking this, that and the other, yet, levels are dropping in blood tests, the supplements are not having any effect because they are taken in the wrong pH environment.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment Sydney with Green Drink

  • We use Modere Green Qi as it is a proven safe product
  • Make your own, only organic vegetables and no fruit
  • Take on a hungry, empty tummy
  • Take away from food
  • Don’t eat again until you feel hungry (minimum 1 hour)
  • Hungry is hunger pains
  • Hungry is not calculated by time
  • Don’t take first thing in the morning, your body is still detoxing

Using the right green drink is just as important as taking it in the right environment and at the right time. If the food ingredients that the drink is derived from are not safe, organic and in the right combination, it will not work and could contain toxic substances and heavy metals. Read the label, read the ingredients, know the company philosophy, trust the company and then take it in the right environment. Don’t just trust organic certification, read the whole label.

Only take the green drink on a hungry, empty tummy. We should not be hungry first thing in the morning. The process of the human body in the morning is elimination and detoxification. Many people have the habit of eating breakfast, that is fine if that suits you. You would then wait until you are hungry again around mid-morning and have your green drink then. Then wait again till you are hungry to eat lunch.

Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney to check if you are taking your green drink correctly for best absorption of nutritional supplements. We can also give you tips on how to make your own green drink from organic ingredients. Don’t juice or puree any ingredients that are not organic, or you will be consuming high quantities of fertilizer, chemicals and pesticides.

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Natural Hair Loss Treatment Sydney with Green Drink