Natural Hair Loss Remedies Sydney

Following on from Holiday Hair Loss Treatments choices with your topical hair growth products, we can also relax a little with hair loss treatments Sydney nutritional therapy. The first four months of hair loss treatments is the most important so you should do your very best to stick your exact hair loss treatment nutrition plan during this time. When in maintenance hair loss treatments, we can help you relax hair loss Treatments Sydney nutritional therapy a little.

We understand holiday time can be difficult with no set schedule and eating out. So when on holidays and following maintenance hair loss treatments Sydney, you can drop down to one green drink a day with the option to have your morning Green Qi and drop out the one in the afternoon, or the alternative way around. You should not skip a whole day altogether without consulting your Trichologist Sydney to see how this could impact the level or progress with your hair loss treatments. And remember this relaxed advice is not for the first 4 months of Hair Loss Treatments Sydney.

Natural Hair Loss Remedies Sydney maintenance hair loss treatments (after the first 4 months of hair loss treatments):

  • One Green Qi drink a day
  • In a hungry empty tummy
  • 10-20ml of Mineral Drink
  • 2 x EFA Krill
  • 2 x Adult Multi-Vitamin
  • 2 x Antioxidant
  • Continue probiotic where recommended
  • Check any additional nutrition with Trichologist Sydney


As mentioned, it is not recommended to change your hair loss treatment Sydney combination therapy plan in the first four months of Absolique hair loss treatments. We just want to let you know things can be a little flexible when on maintenance hair loss treatments. We can also play around with frequency of Green drink and nutritional supplements depending on your blood tests results.

Contact Absolique reception for any more information about Maintenance and Holiday hair loss treatments nutrition. Email or call 02 8014 6916 or email Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney at

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Natural Hair Loss Remedies Sydney