My Story to and through Hair Loss Treatments

My chosen career was as a hairdresser because I always loved hair. Through my apprenticeship I was introduced to and intrigued by the field of Trichology.

I qualified as a Trichologist in my mid twenties, appreciating all had learned, but realising I had the knowledge to diagnose hair loss in general but limited resources for successful Natural Hair Loss Treatments not associated with the common pattern thinning.

I stopped the pill when I was 27. I had been taking the same contraceptive pill consistently since I started. I knew from Trichology that ‘starting or stopping’ any prescription medication could cause diffuse hair loss 3 months after the event. I can’t recall having hair loss when I started (but I was a teenage hairdresser doing all sorts of crazy things to my hair) so I figured I could be in for some hair loss. Exactly 3 months later the diffuse hair loss began and as the text book said, continued for 3 months. My hair loss stopped as the text book said, 3 months later.  The text book also said that my hair would return to normal hair cycle after 9 months. I accepted this, had a short hair cut and waited, and waited … my hair was not growing back!

At this point I was working in hair replacement and learning about men’s hair loss treatments and hair extensions. The hair loss treatments at that time were focused on male pattern thinning so I turned to hair extensions to help disguise my now thin hair. The hair extensions looked great, I had an amazing head of hair back, not naturally my own but my hair was going to grow back right… The hair extension method at that time was microbeads and I was told they would not damage my hair.

12 months later my hair industry friends convinced me that the hair extensions were causing hair breakage. With sadness I let go of the hair extensions and was devastated at the extent of hair thinning I now had.

I had another short hair cut and still thought my hair would grow back. 2 years passed and my hair health was still not returning. I was now hiding my hair thinning with hair pieces & wigs. Then I met a friend who had a different method of hair extensions, so I gave it a go, still wondering why my hair had not grown back. Again I loved the hair extensions but it proved to be doing the same damage, hair breakage, so once again I had the hair extensions removed and a short haircut.

This was in 2007 as I embarked on a microscopic journey of trailing and testing combination therapy Natural Hair Loss Treatments. With understanding of the hair cycle my microscopic work was proving that the hair cycle does not always return as it should after diffuse hair loss.

This made so much sense, it was happening to me and many of my clients. So another journey began during which time I wound up with a bad business deal that was supposed to support my research instead provided a lot of stress, poor nutrition and an iron deficiency. Iron deficiency causes diffuse hair loss so my hair fell again.

The positive side to this is I was now ready with some Hair Loss Treatments focused on the hair cycle, what better test case than me!

I my before and after hair loss treatments photos including:

My hair before Hair Loss Treatments

My hair before Hair Loss Treatments

  • healthy colour change
  • hair volume returning
  • hair length increasing
  • healthy hair shine
  • successful natural hair loss treatments

My Hair Loss Treatments included in clinic combination therapy with HomeCare and nutritional supplements. I have continued with a maintenance program and my nutritionals to achieve the hair length and volume that has finally returned to my hair.

Because I have lived through and survived the emotions of hair loss my passion to help other women with hair loss through my own success with hair loss treatments and the science I know. My destiny is to teach the women of the world how to handle and treat the ups and downs surrounding hair loss and the journey through Hair Loss Treatments and back to hair health.

My hair after Hair Loss Treatments

My hair after Hair Loss Treatments

To current day, information, education, study, science and experience continue to improve my hair heath and the hair loss treatments I provide to my clients. I have better hair now than when I was a teenager. As a society it is not understood the types of things which can and do affect the hair cycle throughout life that prevent hair growing back after hair loss. Now I do.

Yours in health and hair,

Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic

My Story to and through Hair Loss Treatments.

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