Microneedle Therapy with Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatments with Microneedle Therapy is an important part of natural Hair Loss Treatments. Microneedles or Scalp Rollers have up to 195 tiny acupuncture needles which are .75 mm in long. The microneedles are designed to create micro channels from the scalp surface (epidermis) to underneath the scalp (dermis) where the hair bulb and hair cells are the target site  of Hair Loss Treatments.

Microneedle Therapy creates micro channels from the surface of the scalp to under the scalp which allows topical natural Hair Loss Treatments to reach the site of the hair bulb and hair cells so they are easily absorbed without harmful ingredients. Microneedle Therapy helps Natural Hair Loss Treatments with the additional benefit of creating a natural cellular injury reaction which promotes natural healing and the formation of healthy collagen.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments with Microneedle Therapy will work best when applied the following way:

  1. Scalp Brush Therapy
  2. Absolique Scalp Cleanser
  3. Absolique Scalp Tonique
  4. Hair shampoo OFF the scalp
  5. Hair Conditioner OFF the scalp
  6. Towel dry hair and scalp gently
  7. Microneedle Therapy to create micro channels
  8. Application of Topical Hair Loss Treatments

Correct and qualified diagnosis is essential to the success of Hair Loss Treatments including Natural Hair Loss Treatments. I cringe when I meet and speak with patients who have wasted so much time and money trying out all sorts of so called Hair Loss Products which were not the right Hair Loss Treatments for their individual Hair Loss or hair thinning.

Yours in healthy Hair and Hair Loss Treatments,

Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. Trichologist Absolique Hair Health Clinic


Microneedle Therapy with Hair Loss Treatments.

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