Microneedle Therapy Natural Hair Loss Treatment Sydney

Microneedle Therapy Scalp Roller is a therapeutic devise that can be used in additionally to Natural Hair Loss Treatment Sydney when preparing the scalp for Hair Loss Treatments by creating micro channels from the scalp down through the dermis to the site where treatment is effective, the follicle and bulb.

Microneedle Therapy Scalp Roller is made of medical grade stainless steel microneedles similar to the non-invasive needles used for acupuncture. The microneedle therapy scalp roller gently penetrates the scalp skin surface without causing damage. This gentle penetration allows better absorption of natural hair growth products used for Natural Hair Loss Treatment addressing hair loss, hair thinning and hair re-growth. Microneedle Therapy Scalp Roller is not a hair loss treatment on its own and should always be used in combination therapy.

Microneedle Therapy Natural Hair Loss Treatment Sydney:

  • 192 stainless steel Microneedles
  • Needle length is 0.75mm for scalp skin
  • Comes with storage and carry case
  • Is pain free with only moderate prickling sensation
  • Supports collagen production and elastin repair
  • Will last up to 180 applications
  • Precautions -not suitable for stainless steel allergic skin, active acne, eczma, warts, moles, skin cancers or broken irritated scalp skin
  • Should only ever be used by one person

Microneedle Therapy Scalp Rolling used in combination therapy Natural Hair Loss Treatment has been shown to increase hair growth products absorption by 5 times or more. Research reports Microneedle Therapy Scalp Rolling stimulates scalp healing and hair growth by triggering a natural injury reaction and healing response. Research has shown microneedles of 0.75mm length is perfect to penetrate the scalp skin just enough for the absorption of topical Natural Hair Loss Treatments. Microneedle Therapy creates thousands of quickly healing micro channels on the scalp surface.

Correct diagnosis is always the first step to successful hair loss treatments and is recommended before beginning Microneedle Therapy Scalp Rolling. Microneedle Therapy is not recommended to use with hair growth products that contain harmful ingredients. Don’t use on broken or irritated skin. Never use more than once every second day.

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Microneedle Therapy Natural Hair Loss Treatment Sydney.