Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney Before

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney Before

Positive results can be achieved after a correct diagnosis with simple hair thinning treatments. The wrong treatment is often chosen after no diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Seeking professional advice from a qualified source will always deliver the best hair thinning treatments results.

Throughout microscopic diagnosis with Absolique Trichologist Sydney, typical male pattern hair thinning was uncovered as well as physical hair loss. Consultation revealed there was no family history of male pattern hair thinning until the age of 45-50. This case was a 21-year-old, pattern hair thinning should not start at such a young age when there are no family age onset similarities.

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney:

  • The hair loss was the primary concern and cause
  • Early onset male pattern thinning is the secondary concerns
  • Hair loss stopped with lifestyle changes and balances
  • Some contributing factors were poor sleep, poor digestion, poor diet and stress
Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney After

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney After

Uncovering and addressing the real causes instead of focusing on the obvious symptoms of the pattern hair thinning, it what delivers results. It’s common to waste money treating the wrong thing. Many common solutions on address one symptom, can indeed cause hair loss, dry the scalp and deliver only short-term results. Absolique only recommend safe hair thinning treatments.

Taking a holistic approach, Absolique Trichologist Sydney looks at all aspects of your health, hair cycle, blood tests, scalp health, presence or absence and percentage or pattern hair thinning. With knowledge, science and a microscopic, Absolique can get to the real reasons for your hair loss or their thinning to offer real and safe hair loss treatments. Basic hair loss treatment was all that was necessary along with some lifestyle changes.

For more information on Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Sydney email Trichologist at or call 02 8014 6916. You can also book your individual ‘Hair Health and Scalp Check’, consultation and microscopic diagnosis.

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