Laser Treatment and Hair Loss Treatments Sydney

Laser Treatment and Hair Loss Treatments Sydney



Laser is a type of energy. Laser diodes have a wavelength. Wavelength difference will distinguish a therapeutic laser from a medical laser. Laser used with hair loss treatments are therapeutic. Energy is created at cellular level with therapeutic laser. Laser energy can assist cellular energy, healing and circulation.

Laser treatment, laser energy, on its own is not a hair loss treatment. Hair loss treatments should always address all symptoms and causes at the same time, in combination therapy. With correct diagnosis, addressing all symptoms and causes, laser treatment can be of benefit. Laser energy alone will not do any harm but it may not help.

Laser Treatment and Hair Loss Treatments Sydney:

  • Laser Treatment should only be in combination therapy
  • Therapeutic laser should be 690-1000nm (nanometers)
  • Laser light cannot be seen by the human eye
  • Lights found in some laser devises are only for decoration, not hair loss treatment

Beware of gimmick lasers, there are many on market these days. If the claims sound too good to be true, they probably are. Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney Carolyn Evans-Frost, has been working with, testing and trialing laser for 12 years. She knows the correct specifications for laser treatment at a therapeutic level. For home use laser to be affordable, the amount of laser diodes is reduced which increases required usage time. Using a gimmick laser will be a waste of time.

Versacchi HairBeam is Absolique Trichologist Sydney laser devise of choice. Carolyn said “We have seen results time and time again with HairBeam laser treatment in combination therapy.”

Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane for more information on HairBeam Laser Treatment with your combination therapy. HairBeam is available from Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney with individual instructions and free lesson. Special price drop to $600. Email Trichologist Sydney Carolyn Evans-Frost or call reception team on 02 8014 6916.

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Laser Treatment and Hair Loss Treatments Sydney