Home Treatments for Hair Loss with Scalp Brush Therapy

When you wash your hair consider this; Scalp is skin just like your face, would you wash your face with a hair shampoo? Hair shampoo is designed for hair and won’t wash away scalp scale, dandruff or scalp oil. You need to wash your scalp with a scalp cleanser that is free from harmful ingredients. It is important to prepare the scalp before Scalp Cleansing with Scalp Brush Therapy which is an easy and effective way to ensure proper scalp cleansing which will enhance the absorption of topical Home Treatments for Hair Loss.

Home Treatments for Hair Loss with Scalp Brush Therapy will:

  • Stimulate the scalp
  • Exfoliate scalp skin
  • Lift scalp dandruff off the scalp
  • Stimulate the oil gland attached to the hair follicle
  • Draw oil to the surface of the scalp to be washed away with Scalp Cleansing
  • Stimulate muscle attached to the hair follicles
  • Enhance scalp circulation

Scalp Brush Therapy must be followed by scalp cleansing, leaving oil and dead skin cells on the scalp can cause irritation and block hair follicles. Scalp Brush Therapy is a great tool for those experiencing oily hair problems and in most oily hair cases, can go an extra day without washing, this is a big deal if you have to wash your hair every day because of oily hair problems.

Scalp Brush Therapy should take no longer than 1-2 minutes before you feel the warmth or tingling sensation on your scalp skin, and or the scalp oil spreading through the hair. Please remember, the old wives tail of ’100 brush strokes a day for healthy hair’ is wrong it is all about the scalp where the living growing hair comes from and this oil is not good for your hair in anyway.

How to do scalp brush therapy: Start with Brush Therapy over the entire scalp for minimum 1 minute or until you feel a warm or tingling sensation on the scalp. Brush Therapy must be on dry hair/scalp before scalp cleansing.

Home Treatments for Hair Loss with Scalp Brush Therapy

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