Home Treatments for Hair Loss Diagnosis with your own USB Microscope

Microscopes don’t lie and show everything! Microscopes are the best way to see how your normal hair is growing to look for current hair loss, past diffuse hair loss that has resulted in hair thinning and compare to pattern thinning areas related to (DHT) Diyhdrotestosterone. Home Treatments for Hair Loss are always more effective when you know and understand what you are treating including all symptoms and causes. If you live close enough to visit Absolique Hair Health Clinic in Brisbane or Sydney, Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost will use her microscope and demonstrate how to read the microscopic images with you. If you cannot visit in Clinic you can take images as directed and we will point out the following:


  • The hair cycle related to diffuse hair loss and diffuse hair thinning
  • Big difference between hair loss, hair thinning and DHT
  • Show signs on the scalp
  • See quality and structure of actual growing hair
  • Offer direction to correct hair concerns with Home Treatments for Hair Loss


For those who cannot visit in clinic we have found it possible to get your own USB Microscope and learn how to use it. We will direct you were to capture images over the scalp, suggest how to document the locations and then you would end email microscopic scalp images before your Skype Video or Phone Consultation.


Ever changing technology has reduced the pricing of many electrical devises and the traditional microscopes have also been impacted and are now portable, accurate and inexpensive which makes having your own USB microscope a viable option Interstate and International clients wanting to use our diagnostic service.


I have used a few different USB microscopes when consulting in Sydney to help clients choose the right Home Treatments for Hair Loss. The USB microscope does not have all the features of my favorite in clinic microscope but is very handy at providing clear images of the hair and scalp for correct diagnosis.


There are many options available online, look for at least 60x up to 200x magnification. When magnification gets higher than 200x it can become to small an area to read and compare growing hairs with surrounding hairs which is a very important to successful diagnosis. I recently consulted with a client in USA who purchased a USB microscope online for @ $20! The image quality was good enough so I could check the hair cycle and presence/absence of pattern thinning and in turn offer the right Home Treatments for Hair Loss.


Time and patience is the key! So be careful when you have your own microscope, don’t check in with your scalp hair to frequently. Changes at the cellular level take 4 months to reach the surface of the scalp! Email Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost at Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information; info@absolique.com.au


Check out our online scope sessions and videos to get an idea of the images needed:



Home Treatments for Hair Loss Diagnosis with your own USB Microscope

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