Healthy Scalp Vs Scalp Problems Sydney

When the scalp is healthy it is generally not causing any problems or reason for concern. A healthy scalp is well hydrated from the internal cellular level. A healthy scalp has normal functioning oil glands and sweat glands. A healthy scalp does not have excessive oil and does not have excessive scalp sweating (moist scalp). A healthy scalp has hair follicle muscles, (arrector pilli muscles), that don’t hurt. A healthy scalp has visible dermal circulation which is even. A healthy scalp has normal cellular division of scalp skin cells that routinely migrate towards the surface of the scalp.

When a healthy scalp loses function of any or all of the above mentioned scalp appendages, the scalp skin changes. A dehydrated scalp can become dry, scaly, tight pinched and sometimes tender. Dry scalp skin can pull on the arrector pilli muscles resulting in symptoms such as tight scalp, sore scalp, bruised feeling scalp and tender scalp. Diffused damaged hairs (thinning hairs) can also be lose in the hair follicle contributing to a sore scalp. Over active oil glands can cause problems such as seborrhea dermatitis and excessively oily scalp. Cellular division of scalp skin cells can become irritated and over active resulting in scalp scale, dandruff and psoriasis.

Healthy Scalp Vs Scalp Problems Sydney, appendages of the scalp:

  • Epidermis, Dermis and Hyper Dermis
  • Oil gland attached to every follicle
  • Sweat glands reside between hair follicles
  • Muscles (Arrector Pilli)
  • Hair follicles

Overactive sweat glands can cause a moist scalp resulting in scalp irritation and hair damage. Under active sweat glands show body homeostasis is not functioning properly and can cause dry scalp problems and also scalp irritation. Scalp circulation can be over or under active causing an array of problems from irritation, inflammation or the opposite with limited blood supply limiting oxygen and nutrients reaching the scalp for normal scalp skin function.

In most cases there is a combination of scalp problems happening at the same time or have progressed gradually unnoticed until discomfort is caused. Sometimes it is only the physical changes of scalp skin that is noticed such as scalp scale. Common descriptions of scalp problems are: dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea dermatitis, oily hair, folliculitis, cradle cap, sore scalp, scalp scale and itchy scalp.

Correct diagnosis is important here. Self-diagnosis and off the shelf treatments commonly make the scalp problem worse. Best results are achieved when addressing all symptoms and causes at the same time. Most scalp problems can be easily relieved by simply teaching how to do scalp cleansing procedure. Cure is a very strong word especially when overlapping with autoimmune scalp skin conditions. Control is a better description understanding body nutritional deficiencies, imbalances and hormonal changes that can all be associated causes of scalp skin problems.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney has a high success rate in providing quick relief and long term control of scalp problems. We can generally provide relief from scalp problems within 2 weeks. Maintenance of scalp health with simple and safe scalp cleansing techniques recommended by Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney can ensure and support a healthy scalp into the future.

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Healthy Scalp Vs Scalp Problems Sydney