Hair Thinning and Hereditary Hair Loss Sydney

Hair Thinning and Hereditary Hair Loss Sydney



Hereditary hair loss can be autoimmune. Hereditary hair thinning is commonly pattern thinning, womens pattern thinning and mens pattern thinning. Diffuse hair thinning is caused by health problems that interrupt the hair cycle. Diffuse hair thinning is not alone hereditary but can be caused by hereditary health problems. Hereditary tendencies can be prevented with the right approach when it comes to hair loss, hair thinning and health concerns.

If you have a family history of autoimmune disorders, hair loss, hair thinning or health problems, protective measures can be put into place as a preventative factor. A preventative approach when there is family history, can indeed protect you from hereditary traits.

Hair Thinning and Hereditary Hair Loss Sydney:

  • Autoimmune hair loss can be alopecia areata and its various forms
  • Autoimmune health problems can be asthma, eczema, psoriasis and thyroid problems
  • Autoimmune iron problems are haemochromatosis and hemolytic anemia
  • Hereditary hair thinning is male pattern thinning and female pattern thinning
  • Combination of autoimmune hair loss and hereditary pattern thinning is common

These days we commonly see ‘Early Onset Pattern Thinning’. This is when there is little or no hereditary family history. Early onset pattern of thinning is related to male pattern thinning and female pattern thinning. The pattern thinning is noticed at a much earlier age than other generations of family members or, when it is not noted in the family at all. Autoimmune influences can also be early onset but are also triggered by our environment, food and common chemicals.

When hereditary factors are known, protective and preventative measures can easily be incorporated into lifestyle. Learn about environmental exposure, food and chemicals. Be aware of your body pH and alkalizing. Practice base nutrition in an alkaline environment. Support antioxidants which will neutralize the free radical effect. Antioxidants supported by alkalizers and base nutrition can protect you internally.  Applying antioxidants topically such as Activance and Absolique GRN as recommended by Absolique Hair Health Clinic for hair loss and hair thinning can also assist holing back hereditary factors.

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Hair Thinning and Hereditary Hair Loss Sydney