Hair Specialist Trichologist Sydney and ‘The Scalp Dermis’

The structure of a hair strand is entirely different to that of the scalp skin and then the scalp consists of the surface which is the Epidermis and the many layers underneath that form the Dermis. The surface epidermis is where we find the signs of how the hair is growing and can find changes relating to hair thinning, hair loss and disrupted hair cycle as well as various scalp conditions.

The dermis can uncover many more associated signs that accompany hair loss and hair thinning. Some of these signs are associated with oil hair, itchy scalp, scalp scale, dandruff, moist scalp and scalp irritation. The function and dysfunction of the oil glands (sebaceous gland) can be easily seen. The flexibility of the hair follicles muscle (arrector pili muscle) can be noted, this little muscle is responsible for the feeling experienced when hair is pulled. The scalp skin rate of cellular division can also be seen through the dermis especially when it’s going too fast in cases of dandruff, dermatitis and psoriasis. Scalp scale problems can also be identified by the colour and shape of scale giving rise to accurate diagnosis and in turn effective treatment options. And last but not least is the blood supply to the each and every hair follicle bulb delivering essential oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy hair growth, in many cases there is limited scalp circulation or inflammation. All these individual signs give rise to an accurate individual diagnosis.

Hair Specialist Trichologist Sydney and ‘The Scalp Dermis’, what we are looking for:

  • The oil gland
  • The arrector pili muscle
  • Scalp skin and scale
  • Scalp circulation, blood supply
  • Translucent hairs that are so small they are near invisible

The scalp dermis shows so many more signs that help with accurate diagnosis on top of all that is found on the epidermis. One of the most interesting things I find in the dermis all the time is tiny translucent hairs. These hairs are still alive, still have a follicle and a bulbs but have lost so much structure from losing the layers that make a hair from cellular damage at the place of cellular division. These tiny translucent hairs have no structure, no colour, are near invisible and can only be seen with a microscope looking at the dermis. Armed with the knowledge of presence of translucent hairs, Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist recommending Natural Hair Loss Treatments can give an estimate of the expected results from Hair Loss Treatments. Combination therapy addressing all symptoms and causes found all over the scalp on the epidermis and below in the dermis will always deliver a positive result. Initial hair loss treatment time is 4 months to see new growth at scalp level, patients is the name of the game.

Your personal, prescriptive, natural scalp preparation developed by Absolique Hair Health Clinic will address all symptoms and causes found on scalp epidermis and dermis to naturally facilitate absorption of chemical free hair loss treatments. It is important you follow your step by step individual instructions provided by Hair Specialist Trichologist Sydney essentially by changing the way you wash your hair, pH testing, alkalising, nutritional supplements where required, to deliver the best hair loss treatments results.

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Hair Specialist Trichologist Sydney and ‘The Scalp Dermis’

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