Hair Loss Treatments that Work with Nutrition

We are meant to get all required nutrients for normal body function from food. Food is not just about the energy it provides or the basic food groups, it is about the nutritional elements that are broken down to make more of us. With today’s food it is challenging to find nutritious food not touched by chemicals and if you can find some, how can you be sure you are absorbing everything? The loss of nutrients from our food are a main contributing factor for many people experiencing ongoing hair loss and hair thinning, the hair simply has no nutrients to grow properly.


I hear stories everyday of people following a so called good diet but still have hair loss or hair thinning after many years. For Hair Loss Treatments that Work we have to look much deeper into Nutrition and then digestion, absorption and transportation. With the microscope we can clearly see where hair has not grown back to its original size. In other words the hair stands have thinned diffusely and this happens all over the scalp. In other cases the microscope shows that the hair cycle has been disturbed or the hair follicle is dormant and empty and needs to be connected with your hair cycle again.


In the 1st four months of Hair Loss Treatments that Work with Nutrition you need to provide a ‘Supplementary Range’ of nutrients to raise the body’s levels and stores of all synergistic nutrients for cellular health and healthy hair growth. If you are only getting the ‘Recommended Daily Allowance’ of all synergistic nutrients it won’t be high enough to raise body levels and stores. After the 1st four months of Hair Loss Treatments that Work with Nutrition when your body levels and stores are back to balance and you are experiencing healthy hair growth, it is recommend you try your best obtain all the required nutritional elements from real food or stay on a base maintenance level RDA of supplements to get your nutrition.


To maintain body nutrition you need to use organic produce and eat 80% raw food, heat from cooking food in any way reduces the nutrients. This can be expensive and challenging to change habits but with practice you will find it easier or you can simply stay on a daily maintenance level of Nutritional Supplements along with a healthy diet.


Hair Loss Treatments that Work with Nutrition. Tips to get nutrients from food:


  • Drink 8-10 glasses of filtered water every day
  • Add ¼ to ½ teaspoon of Himalayan Rock Salt daily in food or in water for minerals
  • Cook Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for Essential Fatty Acids along with eating nuts and seeds
  • Grow your own produce, use no chemicals
  • Find a local organic supplier
  • Practice 80% raw food
  • Make your own Green Drink with organic vegetables and flavor with herbs

The journey to healthy hair is through your body health. The lifestyle transition is a fun journey and once you start making healthful changes the rest comes along easily. Tip, don’t make too many changes at once, gradual is the way to change habits forever.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic can help with your transition to healthful foods or base level of supplements for maintenance. Email Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost or call reception 07 3229 3242.

Hair Loss Treatments that Work with Nutrition

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