Hair Loss Treatments That Work and Minoxidil Explained

Hair Loss Treatments work and you can re-grow hair. It is essential to understand what you are treating, hair loss or hair thinning! Then you should understand the different causes related to hair loss and hair thinning so you can choose the right Hair Loss Treatments That Work.

Minoxidil is an active ingredient in topical hair loss treatments prescribed for many types of hair loss. Minoxidil was originally a blood pressure tablet and it was found to have the side effect of reducing the constriction of blood supply around the hair bulb/dermal papilla caused by the buildup of DHT Dihydrotestosterone which is the cause of Female Pattern Thinning and Male Pattern Thinning which is a slow progress of hair thinning at the top/front/recessions of the head, not hair loss.

What’s misunderstood about Minoxidil is that it does not stop the cause of hair thinning, DHT building up, it only relives the pressure of DHT. When using Minoxidil alone for Hair Loss Treatments you will end up with little result because you are moving the constriction of DHT away, but it is still building up. When you stop using Minoxidil, and you are not addressing the DHT the hair thinning will continue. Combination Therapy is a better solution to deliver Hair Loss Treatments that work by addressing the DHT internally, topically and naturally.

The best way to get results and Hair Loss Treatments That Work With Minoxidil is to use a natural DHT inhibitor in combination with antioxidants as supplements taken as directed in a pH balanced body.

Combination Therapy Hair Loss Treatments That Work:

  • Find chemical free formulas of Minoxidil that exclude propylene glycol
  • Apply Minoxidil no more than every second day
  • Get used to scalp preparation when using safe formulas of Minoxidil such as Re-Stim Plus
  • Find a natural DHT inhibitor and use in a pH alkaline body environment
  • Understand where your DHT comes from; hereditary, hormonal and environmental
  • Protect yourself from DHT with natural inhibitors and antioxidants
  • Take on Combination Therapy to get the best results

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Hair Loss Treatments That Work and Minoxidil Explained.