Hair Loss Treatments Sydney – Topical

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney - Topical

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney – Topical

To ensure optimum results, it is important to follow any hair loss treatments plan for a minimum of four months. As there is a lot of ground work happening with your hair, scalp, and body, it is highly recommended in the first four months of hair loss management to not stop or be lackadaisical with treatment. If considering taking a pause or relaxing the treatment plan within the four month period, it will affect your overall results, so it is imperative to think about any future lifestyle changes and holiday plans in the upcoming months of treatment.

If you have plans to stay as guest somewhere or have travel plans, and you believe you may have difficulty following your treatment plan, please feel free to contact us at Absolique, as we can help and provide tips about making your hair loss treatment plan work for you through that period. If in the future, you may consider starting a hair loss treatment program, it is best to be mindful of travel and holiday plans. Often it is best to temporarily delay treatment for a few weeks, until after you have arrived home from your travels, to be able to properly dedicate and work your treatment into your daily routine with renewed resolve and a positive mindset.

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney – Topical:

  • Must follow the first four month hair loss treatment plan without diversion
  • Take into consideration any major holiday plans before starting treatment
  • Maintenance programs after the initial treatment plan are more flexible
  • We are happy to help at Absolique Hair Health Clinic to discuss your hair loss treatment plan

After your initial four month treatment, personally tailored maintenance programs are more flexible and relaxed to follow. When following a maintenance hair loss treatment plan, there is room for you to alternate your recommended hair loss treatment with advised basic topical hair loss treatment to work in with your lifestyle. We must remember that the first four months is building a solid foundation for optimal hair growth, following that, we are maintaining or further improving your results. Absolique trichologist would further converse with you about this at your four months check-up appointment.

For clients who are well beyond the first and second four month stages of hair loss treatment, without fear of losing any results, a client can simply go back to basic topical hair loss treatment in the short term. The goal is to get back to your individual hair loss treatment plan once things in your routine have returned to its regular flow of life. For recommendations of hair loss treatment plans or further questions, please feel free to contact the team at Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney on 02 8014 6916 or email direct to Absolique Trichologist Sydney.

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