Hair Loss Treatments Sydney, Nutrition and Pregnancy

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney, Nutrition and Pregnancy

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney, Nutrition and Pregnancy

Nutrition in our food is highly important to consider in our diet, as its more than just calories for energy. When different foods are broken down, our bodies need to obtain certain elements in order to gain good nutrition to support and develop optimum cellular function. The most important is the minerals contained in the food we eat along with essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and good bacteria for the gut. Deficiencies in our bodies happen when we have poor nutrition from either digestion or absorption issues or from not eating the right foods and from lacking nutrients healthy foods.

It is essential for everyone to have good nutrition for good health, but it is even more so when trying to fall pregnant, during pregnancy and also post-partum and breastfeeding. There are a lot of cellular functions needed to become pregnant, so if the body is nutrient deficient, especially when there is little iron or ferritin for energy and oxygen, this will make it more difficult and things can potentially go wrong.

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney, Nutrition and Pregnancy:

  • Not just calories but healthful nutrition
  • From most important – minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and good bacteria
  • Attend to any deficiencies
  • Taking a pre-pregnancy safe supplement is recommended
  • Stay away from high levels of Vitamin A and DHT blockers

When pregnant it is vital to be sure you are getting the right amount of nutrition required for both you and bub. Cravings during pregnancy or pika point towards mineral deficiency that need to be addressed, so that your body can get the right nutrition needed. When experiencing pregnancy sickness, it can be hard to consume anything or keep anything down, so the importance of routine and preparation could help. It could be a little easier to maintain good nutrition through healthful food and supplements if it was practiced prior to falling pregnant.

Nutritional deficiencies and low levels of iron and ferritin need to be kept an eye on to bring back to a healthy level, as these will be drawn on for your baby to grow. Paying attention to your blood tests can help you supplement your diet through food or a safe pregnancy supplement to help those levels come back up to a reasonable level for both of your health. Keep in mind to avoid supplements with high levels of Vitamin A, like found in most hair skin and nails products, and always inform your doctor of any supplements that you are taking. It is best to avoid all chemicals and to desist both oral and topical forms of anything that blocks DHT.

Here at Absolique we can safely assist you through your pregnancy journey both in hair and health, and to also reduce or even avoid the post-partum hair loss that is always classed as a normal part of pregnancy. When we lay a foundation while pregnant to ensure the hair cycle is stable along with good nutritional levels, hair loss is less likely to occur or with a lessor timeframe, and a quicker recovery.

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