Hair Loss Treatments Sydney and Modere Green Qi

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney and Modere Green Qi

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney and Modere Green Qi

At Absolique we may recommend for our clients to introduce nutritional therapy with their hair loss treatments including Modere Green Qi green drink to assist in the absorption of nutritional supplements. It’s essential to establish the right alkaline environment so that the nutritional supplements can start working at their optimum in the body. We back Modere because of their stringent standards to the safety and purity of the ingredients used.

It is imperative to know that the green drink being consumed is toxin free, as commonly found toxins in products can compromise the effect of the greens and health. With so many options out there in the market, it is advantageous to investigate and delve deeper into every ingredient used, where and how they are sourced and if they contain harmful and unnatural additives to ensure they are safe, natural, and free from toxins.

Hair Loss Treatments Sydney and Modere Green Qi:

  • Essential base for absorption of nutritional therapy
  • Green drink to be safe, natural and toxin free
  • Modere ensures they hold strict safety standards on all their products
  • Modere holds off on manufacturing if any ingredient fails their stringent testing
  • Reach out to us if in need of a substitute Green Drink

Absolique Hair Health Clinic chose to stock and use Modere nutritional supplements and Green Qi because due they do not compromise on quality and safety. Modere are a unique stand out company who chose to test every ingredient in every product every batch. With these high standards, there are some ingredients that fail their testing, and manufacturing has been paused. Back in December 2017, this was the case, and although this can be inconvenient, we can trust that they are ensuring safety and quality is at a very high standard.

Your hair loss treatment results are important to us and equally important to you, so if we are out of stock of any one of your hair loss treatment products, we will recommend an alternative.

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