Hair Loss Treatments, it’s never too late…

40 years of hair thinning, scalp problems and broken sleep Kevin now in his 70’s was recommended to see a hair specialist (Trichologist) by his hairdresser to find out if there was hope or help available.

Kevin sought help at Absolique Hair Health Clinic with hair specialist Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T who performed a microscopic diagnosis and consultation service ‘Hair Health Check’ and found many reasons for his thinning hair, scalp and sleep problems.

Kevin has been required to use prescription medications on various occasions and is currently on daily medication. Kevin’s scalp problems were a side effect in part to the medications. Also found was an interrupted hair cycle meaning hair strands over his entire head was not growing as they should. Most would simply put this down to age, but is more an accumulation of time that is counted by years. Kevin also has Male Pattern Thinning (MPT) known to be caused by Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and also related to prostate problems which can cause broken sleep. Kevin had not slept through a night for around 20 years!

The combination of problems found required a combination therapy approach. This was explained in detail to Kevin who accepted his Hair Loss Treatments plan and said he had nothing to lose.

Here are some of the things Kevin was requested to do for his Hair Loss Treatments combination therapy:

  • pH test and alkalize for a neutral environment to absorb Natural Hair Loss Treatments DHT blockers and nutritional supplements
  • Follow new hair washing regime to prepare scalp for hair loss treatments
  • Prepare scalp for  topical natural Hair Loss Treatments products to correct hair cycle, inhibit DHT and  move DHT away
  • Visit Absolique Hair Health Clinic for correctional Hair Loss Treatments 12 times within 4 months
  • Keep positive, happy and healthy for Hair Loss Treatment duration

Kevin personally also chose to make some lifestyle and dietary changes after researching the benefits of neutral pH and body balance; he figured it would do no harm.

Kevin was very diligent with his Hair Loss Treatment program and in return has achieved great results; see Hair Loss Treatments Before & After Images microscopic below.

Hair Loss Treatments Before & After Images Microscopic

Hair Loss Treatments Before & After Images Microscopic

Kevin shared he is satisfied with his Hair Loss Treatments results and would like to look after his investment by continuing with a maintenance program based on HomeCare which is now simply his hair washing regime. Kevin has also continued with the nutritional supplements and DHT blockers because he has experienced many health benefits including a proper nights sleep.

Kevin’s thoughts shared during his Hair Loss Treatments journey with our feedback program:

“My visits to Absolique Hair Health Clinic are not just Hair Loss Treatments sessions but a more enjoyable and pleasant social outing”.

“If you need help with any “hair issues” you may have then the place to go to is Absolique Hair Health Clinic. The charming and helpful ladies will work with you to speedily bring about a successful resolution to whatever those hair issues may be. Don’t delay- go there today”.

“I am a believer that to get a lot done you should do a little bit often. And that is what has happened during my period of Hair Loss Treatments and scalp issues at Absolique Hair Health Clinic. I have no alternative but to feel that I am in much better shape now having been in the hands of the team and it can only get better as I venture forth along their maintenance path. Congratulations to the team for the level of hair and inner care that kept me from dropping out along the way”.

“So far, so good. I have been delighted to find that level of service continues at a high standard each and every week. Also progress continues towards complete resolution of my earlier hair thinning and scalp issues”.

“I have been delighted to pass on the message to whoever will listen about the results of my Hair Loss and Scalp Treatments at Absolique. When asked whether they were successful I simply reply…Absoliquely”.

“Some with hair issues may search and never find a solution. That means they never discovered Carolyn and her wonderful team at Absolique. I did and I continue to enjoy the benefits of Carolyn’s wide knowledge as well as the pleasant attitude of the caring team who are like a second family.  Good work Ladies for a job well done over the past year”.

This story demonstrates it is never too late for Hair Loss Treatments and to ask for help. You never know if you never go and as we say… be careful what you wish for because it may come true as it did for Kevin!

Contact us for your ‘Hair Health & Scalp Check’ and to find out more about Hair Loss Treatments at Absolique Hair Health Clinic.


Hair Loss Treatments, it’s never too late…


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